What is Wezen Helpdesk for?

Wezen Helpdesk is here to provide you support using the following means:

  • Provide Knowledge Base

  • Handle User Onboarding requests
    • Onboard a new user on Wezen (training + access creation)
    • New account creation (for users who have already been trained)

  • Handle User Management requests
    • User Account Deactivation
    • Password Modification
    • Profile Information Update (source/target languages of the account)
    • Role Modification
    • User Training

  • Handle Usage Questions

  • Handle Incidents / Bugs reports

  • Handle Configuration Requests
    • Creation of a new Project on Wezen (and attach a Translation Memory, Term Base to it)
    • Project Settings modification (activate/deactivate auto-assignation, setup local configurations...)
    • Translation Memory Import/Export (.tmx files only)
    • Term Base Import/Export (.tbx files only)
    • Codex Script Configuration

This list will be subject to edits over time.