Affected users

  • Customers
  • Managers

PostEdition is the status of translation task's workflow available after the Delivered status.

It allows users with Customer role to edit translation tasks that are already in Delivered status.

Manager role users can also move tasks from Delivered to PostEdition but they cannot be assigned to them. They need to have the Customer role as well to do so.

How to send a translation task to PostEdtion status

  1. Choose the task you want to post-edit. This task must be already Delivered.
  2. Click on this button to move the task(s) in the workflow.
  3. Your task has been sent to PostEdition status.
  4. You can then assign to yourself or to any other Customer this task.
  5. In the Translation studio, the assignee of the task can post-edit all the target segments.
  6. When your post-edition is done and all your segments validated, you can send the task back to Delivered.

Note that post-editing segments will update the Translation Memory (TM) accordingly.