Codex is a module to import files to be translated


You must have the permission to import and/or export files

You must have access to the repository folder on Codex

How to access to Codex:

By clicking on Codex in the dashboard on the wezen or workspace homepages (or from the translate interface, by clicking on the burger menu). For more precisions, please refer to the Codex overview article (

Then choose the repository. Inside the folder, you must choose the file you want to export, and also the source or target languages you want to export.

You can download the file at any step of the workflow. 

Below are the meaning of the different statuses :

 : In grey, it is the source language of the file

 : In orange, the target language has arrived in Translation or Review step

 : In green, the target language has arrived in Validation step

 : In Blue, the target language is Delivered. You can download the final version

You can overview the advancement of each target language of the file and download the file at any step of it.


To download the file you select one target language, then, the icon is highlighted with a white border. You can click on the button  on the upper toolbar. Your file is now downloaded and available on your computer in the same format you have uploaded it.