What is the Correction status?

It is a step of the workflow that allows to you apply corrections on a task that is in Validation, this can only be requested by the customer. It is only possible to send a task to Correction if it has first been Reviewed and sent to Validation.

Then, from the Validation status, if the customer disagrees with a translation, a correction can be requested by marking the segments, that have not been approved, into a task.

Here is the workflow for the customer to send a task from Validation to Correction status.

1) Select your task and open it.

2) Select one or several segments that needs to be corrected.

3) Once you have selected the segment that needs a correction, you can click on the icon in the top left hand corner, this will open the segment as not validated with a (segment In Progress)

4) Go to the "Activity" tab on the top of the right hand toolbar

5) Scroll down into the "Activity" history, to add a comment. In this comment you can specify the reasons why you want this segment requires to be corrected or any other information. Then click on "Add comment" button. then a appears at the right of the target segment. It means that a comment has been added. 

7) When you have added the comment for one or several segments, you can click on  this button will now close the task and send it to "Correction stage". The pop up menu will ask you to cancel or confirm your action. 

8) The task is now in "Correction" status and will be handle by the manager of the project.

Here is a presentation of the workflow to send a task to Correction.