Codex is a module to import files to be translated


You must have the permission to import and/or export files

You must have access to the repository folder on Codex

Your repository must be linked to a translation project

How to use the Codex Front Selector:

When a file with content to translate is imported, you will use the front selector to indicate to Wezen what to do with the content within the file, when no saved profile is activated or when you have selected Manual Interface during the import.

Once you've uploaded your file (for more information, see How to import a file on Codex), if you selected Manual Interface you can click on to launch the front selector.

You will then begin the selection.

  1. First, you will choose the content to translate

  2. Then, you will choose context for the content you want to translate

  3. You can group your content so that each group is handled in separate tasks in the translation studio. Context is displayed in the groups in which they are included.

  4. The final step is to select the column that will contain the translated content. You can leave it as-is if you want the translated content to overwrite the original content. If not, you can select the column in which the translated content is filled in.

  5. Finally, you can click the button, to have your file sent to translation.

You will then see that the status for your file has changed, and you will find the associated tasks in the translation studio, after refreshing your page.