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To import or export a termbase in Wezen, please first go to a termbase resource you have access to.

Import a term base into Wezen

If you want to populate a Term Base with terms from a different project or a project you were working on outside Wezen, you will be able to do so by importing a .tbx file. To do so you can click on the button in the top bar, and you will see this pop in:

To import a .tbx file, you can either drag and drop your file in the dedicated zone, or click on that zone to select the file from your explorer.


  • Wezen will automatically import all the terms available in your term base file, but if you want to import only terms in specific languages, you can uncheck the "Import all languages" option and select the languages in the drop-down list.
  • If the import didn't work, please retry by selecting the languages you want to import terms for.

Preparing the file for Wezen

In order to be correctly imported, some files must be formatted before uploaded.

The correct structure for a tbx file is then the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<martif type="TBX" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="TBXcsV02.xsd">

and within the body tag, a term entry should have the following structure:

<termEntry id="5f806d08849ce72cd1b92590">
  <langSet xml:lang="ar-SA">
    <tig id="5f806d08849ce72cd1b92591">
      <descripGrp><descrip type="status">Approved</descrip></descripGrp>
  <langSet xml:lang="de-DE">
    <tig id="5f806d08849ce72cd1b92592">
      <descripGrp><descrip type="status">Approved</descrip></descripGrp>

Please before importing your files into Wezen, be sure that it matches the above structure.

Once your .tbx file has been uploaded, terms should be visible after refreshing the page. Please allow a couple of minutes depending on the size of your .tbx file.

Export the whole termbase from Wezen as .tbx file

To export the whole termbase, click the button. A .tbx file containing all the terms of the termbase will be downloaded.

The export of huge TBs might take some time. A snack bar will be displayed once the preparation of the file has begun. Your file will be downloaded shortly after that:

Export only filtered and selected terms

After applying filters (for example, such as target language), you can select the terms and export them into a .tbx. Only those terms will be included in the exported .tbx file.

This can be very convenient if you want to export only segments that have a specific status, or which were created after a specific date.

To do so:

  1. Apply your filters
  2. Select one or all filtered terms
  3. Click the "Download selected" button

Note: when you click the "Select All" checkbox, by default only the loaded terms are selected. If you want to select all the filtered results, you need to click the "Select .... elements" button before exporting terms.