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Filters on the Tasks page will allow you to refine the view displayed on your screen.

As you can see, each task has attributes, such as the source and target language, word count, etc. These attributes can be used to filter your entries to your liking using the Search bar.

⚠️ Blocked or Self-Moving Tasks

By default, tasks blocked or self-moving due to the correlation mechanism are not displayed unless the following filter correlationFlag:None,Blocked,SelfMoving is active. However, you don't need to worry as blocked tasks will get unlocked and visible later on once their parent task(s) are processed.

Apply a filter

By clicking on the Search bar, a drop-down list with a list of tasks attributes will appear. To activate a filter, select one in the list by either typing it and clicking on it:

Then select a value from the suggested values or directly type the value(s) of the attribute you are searching for. If you are looking for several values, don't forget to separate them with a comma (,). Once you're done with the filter, press Enter or click the  button on the right side of the Search bar:

The filtered tasks will then appear in the table. You can remove the filter by clicking on the button on the right side of the filter chip. You can also add more filters in the Search bar.

Filter tasks using Views

Another way to achieve this is by using the Views drop-down. Views act like pre-defined favorite filters. Currently available views are:

For instance, if you click on the Archives view, tasks will be filtered in order to only display tasks in Delivered and PostEdition status.

Use labels to filter tasks

On Wezen, you can add labels to a group of tasks, in order to retrieve them by applying a simple filter. To do so, the first step is to add a label to a group of tasks: select the tasks and then click on. Then in the popup view, enter the desired label click Add label, and Confirm. The label has been added to the tasks.

Using the filter labels will then only display the tasks with the corresponding label(s):

Warning messages

When the filter applied doesn't exactly match any result, you can have two possible warnings:

  • The filter applied does not match any result. 'Search not found' will then be displayed.

  • The filter applied returns some results but none matching exactly. 'No exact match found. Some partial matches found instead' will then be displayed. This usually happen when you are not typing the exact name of tasks.