Affected users

  • Managers
  • Customers, Translators, and Reviewers (auto-assignation)


Assigning tasks from Tasks screen (Managers)

If you wish to assign tasks to users from a project, you can do so by clicking on the assign button (or the username that appears if the task is already assigned). Assignable users will then appear in the pop-up for you to choose from. If you want to check permissions for the users in the project, you can click on Team in the sidebar to the left.

It is also possible to bulk assign tasks, by selecting the tasks of your choice and clicking on the assign button that will appear in the top bar:

You can also pre-assign tasks so that once they are transitioned from one state to another, if someone has already been pre-assigned to this new state, he will automatically be assigned and able to start working on it. To do so, when assigning a task, expand the pre-assign panel, and select the user you want to assign to each state (you can obviously leave states empty so they are not pre-assigned):

Auto assigning tasks from the Assignation Widget (Anyone)

It is also possible to automatically assign tasks up to a certain amount (defined by Managers), in all the statuses. This feature can be accessed through the side bar to the right.

The way this widget works is that it will allow users to get an idea of the volume they will have to process when auto assigning tasks, thus allowing them to take on an amount of work that they can handle at a given time. The match percentage information is also available, in order to have an even better idea of the amount of work this assignation will represent.

The assignation limits can be set by managers in the settings page, accessible through the sidebar on the left.

Viewing who a task is assigned to

Within the task view, two columns can be displayed to figure out who is currently assigned or who are pre-assigned to the task. Those columns are Assignee and Pre-assigned Usernames.

Using filters and views you can then easily find out what tasks are assigned (or pre-assigned) to whom, including you. To do so, please visit the article about How to use filters in the Tasks screen.

To only display the tasks assigned or pre-assigned to you, two views are useful:  My Tasks and  Pre-Assigned to me.