Affected versions: Rigel and later versions

Affected users

  • Managers

The Query Factory tool can be found inside a Translate project, through the Tasks page.

Performing Queries

In the Query Factory screen, you'll be able to define the type of query you want to perform by choosing from a set of categories and queries. Use the drop-downs below to do so:

Once you've chosen a query that suits you, you can refine your search using parameters. Values will be preset depending on which query you've chosen:

When you're done with the parameters, you can click on search, and the data that were requested will be displayed in a table. You can adjust the view to your liking by selecting and reordering the columns for each line, from the columns drop-down. 

You'll also be able to download the data by clicking on the download button:

Using past Queries

When you'll have performed a couple queries on your project, you will be able to reuse them. See below for the example above: