Affected versions: Rigel and later versions

Wezen includes a translation workbench for you to work on your translation tasks, which we call the Translation Studio. When you double click on a task assigned to you, the Translation Studio will open.

When opening a task in the Translation Studio, you can visualize segments in HTML mode or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get mode). In WYSIWYG mode, HTML tags are not displayed! Please make sure source segments and target segments have the same HTML structure, or the delivered content may break the layout of web pages! You can enable the HTML mode by clicking the

Translation Studio Overview

The Translation Studio is an environment that includes Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to help you through the translation process. Its main sections are the following:

Source segments: source content that needs to be translated. Source content is split into translation units that have a name (such as description, details, etc.) and a number of words. Source content cannot be edited.

Target segments: this is where you will input your translations.

Widgets: the studio is providing a lot of tools called widgets that help with the localization process. They are detailed here: Translation Studio Widgets

Segment workflow in the Translation Studio

We have seen that translation tasks go through a predefined workflow. It is also the case for segments.

Below is the full list of statuses of a target segment (more detailed that the "Waiting", "In Progress", "Done" statuses, just with a slight tone difference when a segment is edited):

  1. : the target segment is waiting to be processed.
  2. : the unsaved target segment has been edited but not saved yet. Save it by clicking on (Ctrl/Cmd + S).
  3. : the target segment has been saved and is waiting to be validated or further edited.
  4. : the previously saved target segment has been edited and it needs to be saved again or directly validated.
  5. : the target segment has been validated. You can still edit it. If you edit a validated segment the status will change color to . You then need to either save it or validate it again.
  6. : the target segment is out of scope, it should not be modified except if a modification needs to be performed to preserve linguistic quality. These particular segments are already filled with validated translation. This happens when a translation task has been resubmitted by the customer or when it has been translated in another task linked to this one.
  7. : the source segment is entirely composed of HTML tags used to structure and format textual content on web pages. It should generally be preserved as is in the target segment. If modified incorrectly, the layout may be broken on the target web page.

Note that you can filter the segments in a task, allowing you to hide the tag segments, or the validated ones for example.

Here are the segment workflow operations:

  • Save a segment: Ctrl/Cmd + S or . This will change the status color of the segment to .
  • Validate a segment: Ctrl/Cmd + Enter or . This will change the status color of the segment to .
  • If you edit a validated segment again this will change the status color of the segment to ¬†and must be validated again once editing is complete.


We are dealing with a web-based platform: your content is not saved automatically, so if your page is reloaded or closed you will lose all unsaved edits. Thus the importance of always saving your work (make sure segments are saved or validated ).

Deliver the translation task

Once all segments are validated () and you don't want to make any other modifications to the translation task, you can deliver it by clicking on the button showing the current status of the task.

A drop-down menu will appear with options to push to Review / Delivered status.

You will be asked to confirm you want to move the task to the next step. Once done, the translation task will be delivered and moved to the next step (e.g. from "Translation" to "Review", or from "Review" to "Validation" if there is one in the workflow of the project). If you have not validated all the segments you will be asked to do this and then will have to repeat this step.

You can also click 'Confirm and next' which will send the task to the next step and then automatically open the next task assigned to you to save you going back to the Tasks list. The number of remaining assigned tasks is displayed on this popup.