Affected versions: Rigel and later versions

Since Rigel, we have modified the algorithm that suggests the best translation candidate from the Translation Memory for a source segment that has a TM match above 70%.

For a source segment, each of its translations in the TM now has a Translation Score that evolves whenever a user validates a translation for that source segment in the Translation Studio. The translation that has the highest Translation Score will be selected as the best translation for the source segment and be used to fill automatically the target content of the segment in the Translation Studio.


Translation Score calculation

This score is based on:

  • how recently the translation was used: a translation that was validated will see its score increase and those which are not used will have their score decrease. At some point, translations which are used often will have Translation Score that will be higher than those which are less used.
  • step at which the translation was used: the Translation Score increases more if the translation was validated at a later step of tasks' workflow. For example, a translation validated in Validation step will see its score increase more than if it was validated in Translation step.


The Translation Score is here to simplify the process of maintaining the quality of translation memories by ordering the multiple translations of the same source segment by Translation Score and suggesting users to only keep the couple translations with the highest scores.