Affected versions: Rigel and later versions

Affected users:

  • Managers

If you need to know the volumes of words processed by a specific user, go to the Query Factory inside a Translate project.

Then, select the "Purchase Order" category and the query named "Volume And Bill By Username And Transition".

Afterwards, you need to provide in the Parameters panel (expand it if it is reduced using the arrow button on the right-hand side border) information about:

  • user
  • start date
  • end date
  • timezone
  • source language
  • target language
  • optional: prices per word by TM match percentages, Machine Translated words, correlated words. If provided, the query will automatically calculate how much should be billed in the purchase order.

Last, simply click on the Search buttonto perform the query:

A table with the volumes per TM match percentages, Machine Translated words and correlated words will appear for the selected user(s) based on the parameters you have selected, as well as the calculated amount to bill.

You can download the results via the "Download as Excel" button, as well as manage the displayed columns using thebutton.