In the Studio, HTML tags are used to display text formatting, paragraph structures, lists, and all sort of display features you want to be available on your final content.

In order to display them as HTML content, just click on to switch between the WYSIWYG (or interpreted) mode and the HTML mode. You can also use the shortcut (Ctrl + H). We'll focus on the second mode in this article.


Lock/Unlock HTML tags

By default, html tags are locked in Wezen (displayed in light blue), which means that their content is not editable. They can however be unlocked to be editted (don't forget to lock them back after your edits):

Unlock HTML tags

  1. Select the HTML tag you want to unlock
  2. Click onor use the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + L)
  3. The HTML tag will turn into plain text which you can then modify

Lock selected text into HTML tags

  1. Select the text you want to lock (note that tags are usually beginning with < and ending with >)
  2. Click onor use the shortcut (Ctrl + L)
  3. The text will turn into a locked HTML tag

Copy a tag from source to target

Some HTML tags contain complex attributes that need to be copy-pasted from the source to the target.

To do so a shortcut is available on Wezen. Just put the cursor where you want to paste the tag, and then use Ctrl + Click on the source tag (it should be highlighted in blue when available for copy-pasting):

Check that HTML tags are properly translated

Because HTML tags almost always need to be identical in source and target, the Warning widget is displaying useful warnings when differences are found:

In this segment, the source and target contents are different. The widget will warn any user with the following information: