Following Rigel version release on January 2020 and a first patch in May 2020, a new patch has been released based on issues and feedbacks reported by our users. Please find below its release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Fixed bug from Termbase preventing tasks from opening
  • Fixed not being able to send tasks from Approval to Delivered from Tasks Screen
  • Fixed not being able to redo the onboarding tour from Tasks Screen
  • Fixed propagation when correlation scope is on
  • Fixed task being blocked in Analysis when its state was forced there
  • Improved layout of groupBy feature in tasks list
  • Improved filtering tasks by dates filter in Tasks Screen
  • Improved setting filters as favourite feature
  • Improved status dropdown to be more accurate in auto-assignation widget
  • Added ability to copy task name to clipboard in Tasks Screen
  • Added "Assign to me" button in Assignation modal in Tasks Screen
  • Made Approval status compatible with more actions
  • Updated tips

Translation Studio

  • Fixed overflow of Asian Language in the studio
  • Fixed search in target for translation memory widget in the Studio
  • Fixed QA check flagging duplicate words inside HTML tags
  • Fixed machine translation widget not showing any result in Studio
  • Fixed QA check not always updating upon saving fragment
  • Fixed QA warning not showing when term from term base is not used
  • Improved terms highlight 
  • Improved term base widget results
  • Added ability to copy to clipboard translation context values from Details widget in Studio
  • Added ability to pin/unpin widgets' position inside the Studio
  • Added ability to reorganize the positions of widgets via drag & drop
  • Added ability to quickly copy HTML tags from source segment into target segment by holding CTRL and clicking on tag in HTML mode
  • Triggered warning message when trying to validate already validated segments

Activity Feed

  • Improved loading speed
  • Increased task name size 
  • Fixed filters


  • Fixed "Give Feedback" feature in Write
  • Fixed notifications of Write
  • Added ability to move copies from Copies screen
  • Enabled export as Excel for copies with "/" in their name


  • Fixed "Late Tasks" chart
  • Improved loading performances
  • Added burndown chart for Write books
  • Added an "auto-refresh charts" button in monitor
  • Added unified visible charts in monitor across more workflows
  • New feature: Dashboards from Monitor can now be viewed in full screen


  • Fixed monthly search volume from SEMRush in Termbase
  • Fixed filter by the Monthly Search Volume
  • Fixed some filters in term base    


  • Fixed translated XML files download issue on Codex
  • Improved connectivity for users in Mainland China
  • Added support for new language codes for es, hr, ru, ro
  • Added support for language code ru-BY
  • Overall UI improvement
  • Overall performance enhancement