A new patch has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users.

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Fixed "Default local configuration" label not being displayed upon selection in Settings page
  • Fixed issue preventing from saving general configuration settings in Settings page
  • Fixed issue where spaces were added between segments in translation units in Chinese languages
  • Added Validation -> Delivered - > Post-Edition -> Delivered workflow
  • Added Validation -> Approval -> Delivered - > Post-Edition -> Delivered workflow
  • Added ability to dismiss Task Preview modal by pressing ESC button
  • Added support for English "en-GB" & "en-US" variants for DeepL instead of unspecified "en" variant
  • Improved analysis scheduler processing times
  • Improved QA check rules for "fr" languages
  • Improved QA check rules for "es" languages
  • Overall UI improvements

Translation Studio

  • Fixed issue where terms from other languages were highlighted by TB highlight
  • Fixed not being able to turn off TB highlight
  • Fixed issue where TB widget was highlighting all characters following highlighted term
  • Fixed first source translation unit name and id not being displayed in some tasks
  • Improved handling of HTML tags in HTML mode
  • Added ability to quickly search for selected term in the TB widget by pressing F4 shortcut
  • Added warning message when confirming the last task assigned to current user


  • Fixed issue preventing from adding comments in specific cases
  • Fixed not being able to open TM and TB resources from Write side bar in a new tab


  • Fixed display of filenames containing Asian characters 
  • Improved support for CDATA sections in XLIFF files
  • Improved support for XLIFF files
  • Added 50MB maximum file size limit


  • Added ability to switch between Push and Swap modes to move graphs on custom dashboards


  • Fixed issue preventing export of selected terms in TB
  • Added visual indicator to warn users TM/TB export is in progress


  • Fixed redirection links from navigation side bar to MT resources previously leading to incorrect page
  • Fixed redirection links from email notifications sent by Wezen
  • Fixed password recovery request
  • Added redirection links to created items in Grouped resource creation acknowledgement page
  • Overall security improvements