A new patch has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

On this version, we focused on adding features for users to be more autonomous in workspace and account management, as well fixing bugs.

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Fixed "Default local configuration" label not being displayed upon selection in Settings page
  • Fixed not being able to edit the machine translation engine of local configurations in project settings
  • Fixed "Assign to me" button not being displayed when assigning tasks
  • Fixed not being able to un-assign multiple tasks at once in Tasks screen
  • Fixed issue where spaces were added in translation units in Chinese languages
  • Fixed issue where spaces were added after “:” in translation units in Japanese
  • Added ability to dismiss Task Preview modal by pressing ESC button
  • Added Validation -> Delivered - > Post-Edition -> Delivered (VDPD) workflow
  • Added Validation -> Approval -> Delivered - > Post-Edition -> Delivered (VADPD) workflow
  • Added Translation -> Review -> Validation -> Approval -> Delivered -> Post-Edition -> Delivered (TRVADPD) workflow
  • Improved warning messages when no or partially matching results were found in Tasks screen
  • Overall security improvements
  • Overall UI improvements

Translation Studio

  • Fixed Search & Replace functionality not replacing matching text with replacement text
  • Fixed issue when pasting from clipboard added unwanted white spaces around pasted content
  • Fixed segments differences highlight in TM widget
  • Added warning when confirming the last task assigned to current user
  • Added ability to view HTML tags in a collapsed and simplified view
  • Added ability to quickly search for selected term in the TB widget by pressing F4 shortcut
  • Fixed HTML tags not always interpreted in WYSIWYG mode
  • Improved handling of HTML tags
  • Fixed cursor not automatically set to next non-validated segment upon validating segment in Translation, Review & Correction status
  • Fixed task confirmation pop-in not automatically displayed upon validating the last remaining segment in Translation, Review & Correction
  • Fixed usage of segments filters preventing from successfully loading some tasks
  • Fixed scrolling issues
  • Fixed not being able to turn off TB highlight
  • Fixed formatting tools in WYSIWYG mode
  • Fixed first source translation unit name and id not being displayed in some tasks
  • Fixed expansion ratio increasing when adding   character in target segment

Activity Feed

  • Fixed changes made to segments during Preproc step not being showed


  • Fixed filtering of comments in History widget


  • Improved support for DOCX files


  • Fixed incorrect data shown on hover when Y slider is enabled on charts
  • Fixed word counts not being shown for Book Work Stream charts
  • Fixed data not being shown for Machine Translation Usage Per User chart
  • Fixed data not being displayed after changing the layout of a chart
  • Overall permissions improvements
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Changed "Workspace Manager" role into "Workspace Owner" role for more clarity
  • Added ability for workspace owners to edit source/target languages of the members of the workspace
  • Added new "Architect" role
  • Added ability for architects to create and manage workspaces
  • Improved process to invite a new member into a workspace
  • Fixed redirection links from navigation side bar to MT resources leading to incorrect page
  • Fixed password recovery request
  • Added redirection links to created items in Grouped resource creation acknowledgement page
  • Added ability to quickly create and link Codex repository to a project in resource creation page
  • Overall UI improvements