To be able to install the Wezen Live Preview chrome extension, please contact the project manager responsible of your account to check compatibility.

This guide apply if you want to install the extension manually rather than through the Chrome Webstore.

Note: The Wezen Live Preview extension only works on Google Chrome

Step 1: Extract the package

If you're following this guide, it means the project manager of your account should have send you a .zip file containing the Wezen Live Preview extension.

You need to extract the content of this ZIP file into its own folder (right-click>Extract files or using a tool like WinRAR)

Step 2: Activate developer mode

Go to "chrome://extensions/" or click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your browser, then "More tools">"Extensions"

On the top right corner, activate developer mode

Step 3: Import package

Click on "Load Unpacked" and select the folder that you just extracted, containing the Wezen Live Preview Extension

You should now see your extension installed. Select the "ID" and copy it for next step

Ready for take off!

You will now be able to use the extension : Every time you access a task containing a link in the Details Widget (that link must be send as context with the translation request), you will see below a "Live Preview" link. Wait a little while Wezen scrap the text from the website and replace it by its translation in your language if it has been translated on Wezen.

Important: The first time you click on "Live preview", it will ask you for the ID of your extension, to check if you have it correctly installed. Paste there the ID that you got on step 3 and press confirm

Different button are available in the live preview panel at the bottom of the page

From left to right :

  • Refresh translation
  • Toggle highlight of replaced text on/off
  • Switch between source content and translated content
  • Show/hide panel

If you have any issues or questions about the Live Preview Extension, please contact your project manager or Wezen Solution Engineer.