A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Improved segmentation by segmenting content before and after line break <br> & <br /> tags
  • Improved workflow by opening task with the earliest delivery date next with "Confirm & Next"
  • Added notifications about newly created tasks for managers
  • Added notifications about tasks set to Delivered status for managers
  • Added notifications about tasks set to Correction status for managers
  • Fixed segments not being in Done status when tasks arrive in Validation for VDPD/VADPD workflows
  • Added Preproc in list of available statuses for "Change Task(s) State" action in TVDPD/TDPD workflows
  • Fixed default assignation limit for Approval status under Settings > Local Configurations being empty
  • Fixed Team widget showing users' default languages instead of their languages at the workspace level
  • Fixed issue where an error message was displayed even though filtered results were found
  • Overall UI improvements

Translation Studio

Cross-locales TM search & Simplified/Traditional Chinese automatic conversion

  • Added ability to search for translations of the same language from other countries in TM widget
  • Added automatic conversion from/to Simplified to/from Traditional Chinese in TM widget (see more)
  • Added automatic replacement of target segments with converted translations

  • Significantly improved visualization of HTML tags in WYSIWYG mode
  • Fixed issue where deleted translations were displayed in TM widget
  • Fixed issue where automatic propagation of full/fuzzy matches within a task was performed in Review
  • Fixed pop-in to confirm task not automatically appearing in Translation & Review statuses
  • Fixed "Validate all segments" loading indefinitely in some cases
  • Fixed issue where removing HTML tags was also removing translations in HTML mode
  • Fixed issue where removing formatting was also removing TB highlight
  • Fixed HTML tags highlight not appearing when attempting to copy tag using CTRL+LEFT CLICK
  • Fixed conflict between SHIFT+F3 (letter case switch) and F3 (search in TM) shortcuts
  • Fixed issue where segments which couldn't be translated by MT were filled by tags
  • Fixed issue where pasting content in WYSIWYG mode was systematically adding a new paragraph
  • Fixed paragraph alignment not saved in WYSIWYG mode
  • Fixed previously used modes (HTML, WYSIWYG & Show Whitespaces) not being preserved
  • Fixed segments merge adding unwanted <p></p> tags when source content contained \n line breaks
  • Improved QA check rule to detect use of full-width characters instead of mid-width in Japanese
  • Improved QA check rule to detect acronyms
  • Improved QA check rule to detect punctuation marks for languages using full-width characters
  • Improved QA check rule to detect quotes
  • Removed QA check rule about expansion ratio for Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • Overall QA check improvements
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Added notifications about newly created copies sent to managers
  • Added notifications about tasks set to Delivered status to managers
  • Added notifications about tasks set to Correction status to managers
  • Fixed TB highlight still highlighting terms even though it is disabled


  • Fixed issue corrupting downloaded Excel files
  • Improved readability of logs in Logs Analyzer


  • Added ability to expand graphs
  • Added button to delete all items of a custom dashboard
  • Removed Delivered status from Project Workload chart to improve readability
  • Fixed filters not working on custom dashboards except for owner of dashboards
  • Fixed not being to retrieve data from all projects linked to a custom dashboard
  • Fixed not being able to confirm new graph creation without editing its default name first
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Added translation scores information in exported .tmx files
  • Added creation date of source segments information in exported .tmx files
  • Fixed issue where unwanted formatting tags were added when copy-pasting content into segments 
  • Fixed issue allowing deleted translations to be deleted again


  • Added new security contraints for new passwords
  • Improved security by inviting new users to reset their password before logging in for the first time
  • Added support for language code ca-ES
  • Updated "Workspace Manager" label into "Workspace Owner"
  • Fixed not being able to directly link a Codex repository with a Translate project upon creation
  • Fixed latency experienced on Home page when user has many assigned tasks
  • Overall UI improvements