A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users.

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Reduced times to transition tasks
  • Added support for cs-CZ, el-GR, es-AR, es-MX, he-IL, ms-MY, pt-BR, ro-RO & tr-TR for Google MT

Translation Studio

  • Fixed issue where span tags were added after removing text highlighted by TB widget and saving segment

Activity Feed

  • Reduced loading times of events
  • Fixed searching by 'externalId' not working
  • Fixed issue where edited contents in 'Content' & 'Transition' events were not highlighted anymore


  • Fixed issue where some translations from TM were incorrectly shown as converted


  • Added support for language codes az-AZ, sl-SI, sr-SP