A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users.

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Added support for Japanese as source language: segmentation, characters count, support in TM/TB
  • Added new 'SEO', 'Legal' statuses for translation tasks
  • Added Translation > Review > SEO > Validation > Delivered double validation workflow
  • Added Translation > Review > SEO > Validation > Legal > Delivered triple validation workflow
  • Reduced times to transition tasks
  • Reduced times to load the list of assignable users in Assignation modal
  • Added automatic translation of HTML tags when using DeepL MT
  • Added ability to enable/disable automatic translation using cross-locales TM search
  • Added ability to sent tasks to the same status as their current status several times
  • Added display of the number of times a task went through its current status in Tasks Screen
  • Added missing 'Correction' status in pre-assignation modal
  • Improved automatic propagation of numbers & measures between segments of a same task
  • Improved QA check rule to detect presence of acronyms
  • Improved QA check rule to detect presence of quotes
  • Improved QA check rule to detect presence of double spaces
  • Improved QA check rule to detect presence of paths delimited by '/' characters
  • Fixed issue where QA check widget would show an error when a term had no status
  • Fixed issue where some users were not able to save some segments using Changjie IME
  • Fixed issue preventing from emptying and saving segments

Translation Studio

  • Added configurable option to automatically translate segments that contain numbers and measures
  • Fixed expansion ratio calculation for translation units
  • Fixed issue where bullets would disappear after typing in bullet lists
  • Fixed issue preventing from successfully opening specific tasks
  • Fixed issue where unwanted <br> tags were added when using CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
  • Fixed issue where segments were not saved properly for some users
  • Fixed issue where span tags were added after inserting translation from TM containing terms from TB
  • Fixed issue where span tags were added after removing text highlighted by TB widget
  • Fixed issue where results from TM widget were duplicated
  • Fixed issue where username of the assignee was missing for task assignation events in History widget
  • Overall UI improvements

Activity Feed

  • Reduced loading times
  • Fixed searching by 'externalId' not working


Revamped Write Tasks Screen:

  • Added improved search bar with filters
  • Added ability to hide/display/reorder columns
  • Added 'Views' to quickly browse through copies
  • Added ability to group copies by their 'status', 'assignee' and 'language'
  • Added ability to add labels to copies
  • Added ability to rename copies
  • Added new 'Final' status
  • Added Contribution > Review > Validation > Legal > Final > Delivered triple validation workflow
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Added support for new 'SEO', 'Legal' & 'Final' statuses
  • Added externalIds to translation tasks created by file import on Codex
  • Fixed issue where '&' character was saved as '&amp;' in translated files
  • Fixed issue where extracting CSV files using groupingPath parameter was not working
  • Fixed .xlf files not being considered as .xliff files automatically
  • Fixed issue preventing from downloading translated Excel files that contain specific formulas


  • Added ability to permanently remove translations from translation memories
  • Added ability to restore deleted translations
  • Fixed issue where extra spaces were added around HTML tags when pasting content from TM
  • Fixed issue preventing from filtering translations by a single target language
  • Fixed issue where some translations from TM were incorrectly shown as converted


  • Mapped new 'SEO' and 'Legal' statuses to 'WaitingForValidation' status
  • Reduced response times for /Content POST & /translate/document POST endpoints


  • Added ability to filter by usernames inside groups