A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Added Translation > Review > SEO > Validation > Delivered > PostEdition > Delivered workflow
  • Added Translation > Review > SEO > Validation > Legal > Delivered > PostEdition > Delivered workflow
  • Added automatic save of translations in TM made from PostEdition > Delivered & Legal > Correction in TRSVDPD & TRSVLDPD workflows
  • Added ability to send translations tasks from 'Legal' to 'Correction' statuses
  • Fixed issue preventing validators from assigning tasks in TVDPD worfklow
  • Fixed issue preventing being flagged as SelfMoving irrelevantly
  • Fixed not being able to view the list of all possible values when clicking on 'Show More' in search bar
  • Fixed issue preventing from viewing the 'Analysis' widget when resizing browser's window
  • Fixed issue preventing from assigning tasks in 'Validation' coming from 'Correction' usin Assignation widget
  • Fixed task preview not displaying right-to-left languages content properly
  • Reduced analysis processing times
  • Reduced times to update correlated tasks after transitioning parent tasks
  • Reduced times to transition tasks to 'Delivered' status
  • Overall permissions improvements
  • Overall UI improvements

Activity Feed

  • Improved loading speed of events
  • Improved stability
  • Improved display of 'Transition', 'Content' & 'Comment' types of events

Translation Studio

  • Improved scrolling experience
  • Improved segments merge action
  • Fixed issue preventing from filtering segments which contain searched characters in 'Find & Replace'
  • Added languages priorities for cross-locale autofill by TM
  • Improved automatic translation of numbers and units
  • Added ability to automatically get segments which differ by a number translated
  • Fixed issue preventing from saving segments when using Korean input method on first attempt
  • Improved segmentation on content containing HTML tags
  • Fixed issue preventing from reducing HTML tags display
  • Improved copy-pasting of HTML tags
  • Fixed issue where duplicating HTML tag using CTRL+LEFT wasn't inserting it at the cursor's position
  • Removed automatic display of task confirmation pop-in in 'SEO' & 'Legal' statuses
  • Fixed issue where special characters were inserted as HTML code instead of actual character
  • Fixed alternative texts within HTML tags not being counted in word counts
  • Fixed word count display for target segments
  • Inserting translation from TM widget into a target segment now replaces its whole content
  • Improved navigation between segments using CTRL+UP/DOWN
  • Fixed issue where UP/DOWN switched segments instead of moving cursor within current segment
  • Fixed issue where nbsp character was added as a normal whitespace when inserted from Special Characters panel
  • Fixed incorrect statuses being displayed in History > Versioning widget for validators
  • Improved QA check rule to better detect currencies
  • Fixed issue where numbers following percentages were interpreted as characters


  • Added ability to copy-paste content in description field during copy creation
  • Added new Contribution > Validation > Delivered > Post-Edition > Delivered workflow
  • Fixed issue where notifications were still sent to managers even though they were disabled on books
  • Overall UI improvements

Write Studio

  • Fixed issue preventing from validating a fragment that hasn't been edited
  • Fixed pinned widgets getting unpinned when accessing the Studio again
  • Fixed issue where displaying a widget would reset the History widget's contents
  • Added ability to view contents from History > Versioning in WYSIWYG mode
  • Added ability to copy paste contents from the Comments widget


  • Added ability to send an existing file for translation into new target languages
  • Added ability to upload file with existing filename inside a folder to replace it
  • Added support for text boxes translation in DOCX files
  • Fixed issue where line breaks were removed in translated DOCX files
  • Fixed issue preventing from downloading translated DOCX file when a segment was left empty in related task(s)
  • Fixed issue where tasks related to a deleted file were restored after analysis
  • Reduced times to send files for translation
  • Changed changes pulling from GIT repository time interval to 5mins
  • Changed changes pushing to GIT repository time interval to 30s
  • Improved readability of logs in Logs Analyzer


  • Improved light mode
  • Fixed contributions graphs not showing data
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Added 'Cross-locale search' filter to enable/disable display of cross-locale results
  • Fixed filtering by multiple target languages not working
  • Fixed issue preventing from importing TMs in some cases
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Fixed issue preventing 'targetLanguageState' attribute to update properly when document had fragments containing only a whitespace as source content


  • Fixed issue preventing from setting passwords containing underscores
  • Fixed issue preventing some users from receiving email notifications
  • Fixed issue preventing LDAP users from logging in successfully on first attempt
  • Changed languages of autogenerated demo task to en-GB > fr-FR when creating demo workspace
  • Overall UI improvements