This article focuses on how to create and edit entries in the Termbase Management Interface.

Affected users

  • Managers

How to create new terms

To create an entry in your termbase, you can click on the(Add new term) button in the top bar. If you want to add a new translation to an existing term, just hover over it and click on the(Add related term) button on the right side:

How to delete terms

Same as for creating a translation for an existing term, you can delete a translation by clicking on the(Delete Term) that appears when you hover over the segment. This will only delete the term next to which the bin appears. If you delete a main term, the linked terms will stay untouched. You can delete a linked term in the same way as a main term. You can delete terms in bulk as well:

How to edit terms

In addition, you will be able to modify all of the following field values for your terms, by simply clicking on them and filling in/selecting the correct values:

  • Term
  • Status
  • Definition
  • Context
  • Notes
  • Custom fields

Press 'ENTER' to save your edits.