A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Added ability to filter translation tasks by their translation units in Tasks Screen
  • Added translation progress bar of tasks in Tasks Screen. Enable it in 'Columns'.
  • Added assignation limit for tasks in 'Final' status
  • Improved merging of tasks. Labels of merged tasks are now merged in the new task.
  • Fixed clicking on Lock button not showing all parents tasks of a blocked task
  • Fixed issue preventing from modifying project configuration when analysis of tasks is ongoing
  • Fixed issue where suggested delivery date of tasks were reset after changing their priority
  • Added support of Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish for DeepL integration
  • Overall permissions improvements
  • Overall UI improvements

Translation Studio

  • Added ability to filter translation units by their names and keys using the Segments Filters panel
  • Added ability to restore translation from machine translation in History widget
  • Improved automatic replacement of HTML tags for segments translated with WezenMT
  • Fixed issue preventing from inserting non-breaking space using CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE
  • Fixed segment differences highlight in History widget
  • Fixed "Quick Fix" for Japanese QA check rules
  • Fixed issue preventing from opening some tasks after using Segments Filters panel
  • Fixed issue related to incorrect automatic QA check resolution
  • Fixed issue where & char was encoded whenever switching from WYSIWYG to HTML mode
  • Overall UI improvements

Activity Feed

  • Fixed issue preventing from filtering events by target language
  • Fixed issue where edits were not properly highlighted when using VADPD workflow


  • Improved handling of PROPERTIES files which contain comments
  • Improved handling of nested text areas in DOCX files
  • Improve handling of comments in DOCX files
  • Added support of <g> tags in XLIFF files
  • Added ability to upload files with the same name several times without providing target languages. In this case, previous target languages will be reused.
  • Fixed issue preventing Codex from properly updating post-edited files
  • Fixed issue where translated files were not updated successfully in some cases
  • Fixed issue where translated files were not updated successfully when post-editing them several times


  • Added ability to select target language when exporting translation memory as .tmx
  • Overall UI improvements


  • Improved password reset process
  • Fixed issue preventing some users from viewing workload chart on their profile
  • Overall UI improvements