A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the continuation of the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.


  • Modified search method for "External Name" and "External Reference" in Search Bar: instead of containing, now search results start with the entered input
  • Improved speed time of search by "External Reference" in Search Bar
  • Fixed issue on "yes" or "no" filters where values were concatenated when applied twice in Search Bar
  • Improved handling of filters in Tasks Screen for users: last query now saved per project instead of being saved for the whole instance
  • Improved "Word Count", "QA Warnings" and "QA Errors" filters in Tasks Screen: now results present equal or superior values, instead of strictly superior
  • Fixed issue driving to a 500 error on Tasks Screen when using "QA Warnings" and "QA Errors" filters
  • Fixed issue not displaying the "Group by" filter properly when refreshing the page on Tasks Screen
  • Improved handling of favorite views in Tasks Screen now saved in database instead of local storage
  • Added notification event for when a task is moved to Correction
  • Fixed issue bringing a 404 error when reloading the Platform Statistics page
  • Fixed issue preventing other users than workspace owners to change the MT's configuration
  • Added column that shows the total word count for an entry in the table in Query Factory > Translation Batch > Volume Translated By Timeframe
  • Improved speed of correlation update of tasks
  • Merged identical TRSVLD and TRSVLDPD workflows (into single TRSVLDPD workflow)
  • Fixed issue leading to some tasks getting stuck in analay

Translation Studio

  • Fixed issue on the "Suggested Delivery Date" information
  • Fixed issue displaying first translation unit when scrolling down
  • Added color for Final status chip in TRVFVDPD workflow
  • "Unbreakable space missing before punctuation" QA Check desactivated for Czech (cs-CZ)
  • Disabled QA Check rule for duplicate words for Korean language
  • Added information about the project the task opened in the Studio belongs to
  • Fixed issue breaking the history of a merged segment
  • Added information about the user who moved the task in the History section
  • Fixed issue preventing text from being saved when using "Remove Formatting" in the toolbar
  • Added option to perform a search on translation units names
  • Fixed issue duplicating color attributes within span tags when switching between WYSIWYG and HTML modes
  • Fixed issue adding tags and breaking the HTML when adding images between <p> tags and switching between WYSIWYG / HTML modes
  • Fixed issue allowing QA Check to be applied on 100% match

Activity Feed

  • Fixed issue preventing from displaying dates modification and time difference for "Delivery Date Change" events
  • Fixed issue preventing from being redirect to the first page of results when adding or deleting a filter in your research


  • Fixed issue triggering a 500 error when sorting by "Locked" field on the Tasks Screen
  • Implemented "Edit and Move" feature for the template properties

Write Studio

  • Fixed issue on versioning not being updated after validating - editing - revalidating fragments at the same status
  • Fixed issue preventing from preserving the source formatting properly when pasting formatted content from Microsoft Word / Google Docs into a copy in WYSIWYG mode


  • Fixed issue on properties file not being imported back into Translate
  • Fixed issue on properties file containing spaces before or after a key
  • Fixed issue on XLSX files not being sent to translation
  • Fixed issue preventing from uploading files containing square brackets in their name
  • Added "extraction failed" notification
  • Fixed issue preventing from opening properly  in Translate some Excel files downloaded from Codex
  • Fixed issue with emojis breaking xliff files processed through Codex
  • Fixed issue not showing the selected target language in confirmation notification (Front Selector)
  • Improved handling of comments in DOCX files
  • Fixed issue not overriding "Context Paths" names with specified "Content Names" (no matter if groupingPaths have been specified or not)


  • Modified order of cross local languages priority for Taiwanese language
  • Added loading wheel to indicate the loading process of the TM until the message "No more elements to load" appears
  • Modified modal behaviour: now goes away after download
  • Added option to import only the best translation(s) into a memory
  • Fixed issue preventing application of filters when performing an "export select" action in a TM
  • Added bulk action to change attributes of selected terms all at once

Live Preview

  • Fixed issue preventing from loading translations on previewed page
  • Fixed issue preventing from viewing updated target translation units in previewed page without transitioning task


  • Improved handling of API keys, now created from within the workspace just like any other resource
  • Fixed issue on the impersonate feature
  • Fixed issue of the "Confirm" button in the Grouped Resources Creation (last step)
  • Improved overall UX
  • Fixed issue on typo in notification
  • Fixed issue preventing from creating notification rules when selecting all available groups
  • Fixed issue preventing from giving all source or target languages available to any workspace member
  • Fixed issue preventing the list to empty when there is no search result on the users administration page
  • Fixed issue preventing the filters not to be reset when leaving the users administration page by visiting a profile and coming back
  • Fixed issue preventing from filtering workspaces by their ID
  • Fixed issue adding user to a workspace by clicking the invitation email link but with a "Disabled" membership status
  • Fixed issue preventing from editing users' profiles with similar usernames
  • Fixed issue where table rows were stretched to fill the all page when less than five rows (users, resources, groups and workspaces administration pages)
  • Corrected typo for "resources" on workspace home page
  • Fixed issue allowing to create resources with an empty name
  • Improved layout for Auth tables (no need to scroll horizontally anymore)
  • Improved layout of dates and small color dot fields in Auth tables
  • Fixed issue allowing users to receive notifications from a group even if they are not part of it