A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

New features and bug fixes


  • Updated background process performance (analysis, pre-processing)
  • Fixed issue on analysis finding too many new words
  • Fixed issue on analysis not anticipating fuzzy matches
  • Fixed issue on analysis not taking anticipated matches into account
  • Added pop up window to allow the user to validate all segments when using the "Move task(s) in the workflow" option (Task Screen)
  • Added word count filter in between range (Task Screen)
  • Added information on which option is currently in use for the "Group by" filter (Task Screen)
  • Added task name instead of "something new" on the "Rename task(s)" form (Task Screen)
  • Added "order by" option to labels column (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue allowing hidden columns to be displayed after refreshing the page (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue preventing tasks to be displayed until the analysis is done (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue making the "Favorite Views" list disappear (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on status search not showing tasks newly moved to the status (Task Screen)
  • Modified columns behaviour, some are now mandatory (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue driving to a long time lapse before the assignee column refreshes when unassigning a task (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue preventing a user to push a task from "Delivered" to "Post-Edition" (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on non-admin managers not able to assign tasks (Task Screen)
  • Deleted TRSVLD workflow (identical to TRSVLDPD)
  • Added new Translation > Review > Validation > Delivered > Post-Edition > Delivered workflow (TRVDPD)
  • Fixed issue on Managers and Validators not being able to access "Platform Statistics"
  • Added filtering by labels in BI Tool
  • Added filtering by deleted or not in BI Tool

Translation Studio

  • Fixed issue preventing to prioritize "in progress" segments over "done" segments when validating one in validation steps
  • Fixed issue preventing the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + click" from working and adding HTML tags
  • Fixed issue preventing the "insert link" button to work
  • Fixed issue on long segments
  • Fixed issue preventing from opening some tasks
  • Improved presentation of information in the widget History
  • Added labels information in the task information
  • Fixed issue on comments when user is not assigned to the task
  • Fixed issue on history disappearing when a segment is modified in Post-Edition
  • Fixed issue on segments being translated with cross-local segments instead of existing target segments through the translation memory
  • Enhanced assignation dialog pop up to match the one in the Task Screen
  • Fixed issue on HTML tags not being propagated when segment is validated
  • Fixed issue on segments that were duplicated when merged
  • Added pop up with information when opening a blocked task
  • Improved handling of numbers for Asian languages in QA Checks
  • Fixed issue on remaining QA Check warning indication (right end of the row) when the mistake has been corrected

Activity Feed

  • Fixed issue displaying wrong HTML modifications
  • Fixed issue on tracking task content modifications
  • Fixed issue on comments display
  • Fixed issue on "merging" filter type


  • Added watcher feature (Task Screen)
  • Added warning message when trying to create a copy while no template has been created yet
  • Fixed issue on pre-assignement during analysis (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on "All tasks" view not returning deleted tasks (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on pre-assigned usernames not being displayed on corresponding column (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on "Book" creation through "Grouped Resources" creation
  • Added "Workers usernames" column (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue erasing the "is deleted" filter value from the search bar when changing it in the URL (Task Screen)
  • Modified filtering behaviour to match Translate, now filtering options associated with a filter category are displayed (Task Screen)
  • Modified copies sorting in "Available For Me", now by suggested delivery dates in ascending order (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on contribution calculation for copies when sent to Delivered
  • Added requirement of choosing a language when creating a copy
  • Modified icon used to show whether a task is deleted or not (same as in Translate now)
  • Fixed issue allowing Translators / Reviewers to update copy details while triggering an error


  • Improved handling of complex JSON files
  • Fixed issue of corrupted file or partially missing translation when using wrap text in target cells with XSLX format
  • Fixed issue on segmentation of DOCX files leading to cut sentences when there is formatting


  • Added loading wheels


  • Fixed issue on number of segments when exporting a translation memory
  • Fixed issue on large memory import
  • Added non-display of language card in the TM when there is no source segment for it


  • Fixed issue deleting an API key when editing it
  • Fixed issue allowing to access API administration page (with no data) if logged out
  • Enhanced use of labels that are now retrieved on Task Screen in Translate through API


  • Added Azure Active Directory login configuration (LDAP still working)
  • Fixed issue on error message when wrong password is entered
  • Fixed issue on missing password for new users not updating their password through the link sent
  • Added feature allowing to press "Enter" to validate all over Wezen
  • Added loading wheels on the homepage
  • Fixed issue preventing non-admin workspace managers to change member's languages in a workspace they own
  • Fixed issue preventing non-admin workspace managers to access groups, grouped ressources creation, notification center and engine
  • Added option allowing workspace owners to rename resources
  • Fixed issue preventing the source and target languages filters on the workspace members page to work
  • Fixed issue preventing admin users to create new user
  • Fixed issue preventing to "add all languages" in the members management interface
  • Fixed issue preventing from giving "Guest" role in a group
  • Fixed issue allowing current filters to be ignored when new filter is applied on the users administration page
  • Fixed overlap of "last login" and source language information on "My Profile" page
  • Moved swaggers from Datawords to Wezen theme
  • Added notifications to let pre-assigned users know when the task they are pre-assigned to, has been pushed in the status they are meant to work on (notifications)
  • Fixed issue on "Task Assignation" rule not working (notifications)
  • Fixed issue preventing from editing the notification rules via the notification engine (notifications)
  • Fixed issue on adding a notification rule, during the "Add Recipients" phase (notifications)

✨ Design update 

We are excited about this new section that will gather all the changes made regarding the design of the platform.

  • "Views", "Group by" and "Columns" filters: we've ditched the old colours for our beloved dark-blue, adding a little style here and there to standardize with the rest of the platform.
  • Task Screen: when sorting through the column header, the sort arrow will no longer push the column name into a void. Every information stays in place and gets centered when resizing.
  • Studio editor: you've asked for it, we made it happen. Project name and labels are finally available directly in the Studio. You can find these in the new breadcrumb that brings together task information.
  • Homepage layout: no more miss click upon arrival on the homepage, the "Jobs" panel is now located below the "Workspaces" panel.
  • Logo: we've updated the Wezen logo to a better quality, and its hover effect makes it more interesting than ever!