A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

✨ Design update

Log-in: you can now show or hide your password on the log in page

Task Screen:
  • the "Columns" filter now allows the user to show or hide all columns at once
  • when assigning a task, the text and icon of the "Assign to me" button has been updated, it now displays a proper message regarding the assignation state
  • when previewing a task, the target language background color has been updated in order to match the task status associated color

Studio: on the history widget, colored chips now help you read and track faster task state changes

Homepage layout: the homepage is now properly accessible and adapted for small screens

Accessibility: in order to help colorblind people, we've changed some color pairs (e.g. the green/red pair for the enable/disable feature)

Termbase: when adding a new term, the input is now presented with proper spacing, making it more readable

New features and bug fixes


  • Added redirection to the Codex repository linked to a project in the sidebar menu (Task Screen)
  • Added tab for “Selected Tasks” after downloading the Analysis Excel file from the Analysis panel (Task Screen)
  • Enhanced speed of search in source and target content (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue of display of the Favorite Views list (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on empty project name (Task Screen)
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the auto-assignation panel (Task Screen)
  • Added Translation > Review > Legal > Final > Delivered > Post Edition workflow (TRLFDPD)
  • Fixed issue on having to refresh the page to see the changes made in local configurations
  • Fixed issue preventing from deleting a local configuration when only one language (source or target) is specified
  • Fixed issue on analysis not taking anticipated matches into account
  • Removed old query factory
  • Fixed issue preventing the new query factory from opening in a new tab
  • Added option for localization manager to configure when TM should automatically fill segments
  • Added feature to let managers set up the TM match threshold over which the MT should be applied instead

Translation Studio

  • Fixed issue preventing the "Validate all" window to pop up when using the button in Validation or Approval statuses

  • Fixed issue making some tasks or copies stuck in a "Validate all" loop
  • Fixed issue on auto-propagation not taking HTML tags into account and not displaying the same match percentage as the memory
  • Added feature to prevent from having to reset the zoom factor every time a user opens a task
  • Fixed issue preventing SEO and Legal users to edit or delete their comments
  • Fixed issue on display of comments at the task level
  • Added error message when a translator tries to move a task he's not assigned to
  • Fixed issue on duplicate transition events in History widget
  • Improved presentation of information in the widget History
  • Enhanced phrase describing a transition event in the History widget
  • Fixed issue breaking the history of a merged segment
  • Fixed issue preventing from properly caching segments when going back and forth to a task
  • Fixed issue putting the "Correction" status as the default next step in some workflows
  • Fixed issue raising a QA Check warning when an "alt" is modified in an HTML tag
  • Improved speed when sending task to the next status
  • Fixed issue preventing disabling of cross local search (Memory widget)

Activity Feed

  • Fixed issue on segment modifications not appearing
  • Fixed issue on added events about encoding modifications while the user hasn't modified the segments
  • Fixed issue on "content" filter causing the highlight of all segments


  • Modified "Push to Correction" into "Send back to Correction" like in Translate (Studio)
  • Fixed issue on fragments disappearing when resizing the window (Studio)
  • Fixed issue preventing the "Search & Replace" widget to work (Studio)
  • Fixed issue on search by "Pre-assigned usernames" (Task Screen)
  • Added possibility to add commas in the search bar "Name" filter (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on search by "Labels" (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue preventing from seeing Write jobs on the homepage
  • Added error message when trying to create a copy from an empty template
  • Added Contribution > Validation > Legal > Final > Delivered > Post Edition workflow (CVLFDPD)


  • Enhanced performances
  • Removed "XLS" format option
  • Fixed issue preventing managers to change the linked project in the settings page
  • Added error message when wrong TBX upload


  • Added description for all graphs
  • Added scroll bar on the "Add item" form
  • Modified default theme from the dark one to the light one
  • Fixed issue on "Correlation Distribution" graph (can not display negative values anymore)
  • Enhanced use of colors, now one by status


  • Fixed issue on comments not appearing when uploading or downloading a memory
  • Added warning message when a mandatory field is empty while adding a new translation
  • Fixed issue preventing the "Has multiple translation" filter to work properly when a target language is selected
  • Fixed issue on the "Display empty segments" filter
  • Fixed issue preventing the "Download TMX" options (select the best translations etc.) to work


  • Fixed issue preventing non-admin workspace owners to add roles to other users
  • Fixed issue preventing from seeing users and their roles inside a group
  • Enhanced user count filter in the administration pages (now in between instead of exact count)
  • Removed button previously used to create new api keys on the resources administration page
  • Fixed issue preventing from changing a resource type during its creation
  • Fixed issue preventing resources to be added to a group when using "Create demo resources and users"
  • Fixed issue showing the wrong resources when quickly switching workspace on the homepage
  • Fixed issue on workspace with demo resources creation
  • Fixed issue on the "select all" option selecting everything even if there is an active filter in administration pages
  • Added current version number on the platform page
  • Added instance information (URL) on the Platform page
  • Fixed issue placing the cursor on the "API" section instead of the "All" section when switching workspace on the homepage
  • Fixed issue on navigation out of the Monitor module
  • Added notification to inform the recipients (defined through the Notification Engine) when a new member joins a group
  • Fixed issue preventing from adding new recipients after having deleted all of them (notifications)
  • Added new language code en-WW (English - Worldwide)