A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Remark: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

✨ Design update

Codex: an update has been made regarding icons colours and the Wezen logo

Monitor: we made improvements on items information and wrapping issues

Helpdesk & tips: links have been updated, they are now opening in a new tab

Query Factory: the organisation of the users list in the Query Factory was improved, it is now alphabetically ordered

Studio: when performing a search, a new set of highlight colours now indicates properly the result, as well as the focused result

Translate & Write: editing your Favorite Views is now much easier, thanks to a dedicated button

Translate: a loading wheel when using the assignation panel has been added on the Task Screen

New features and bug fixes


  • Fixed issue preventing "Favorite views" to be saved (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue hiding the "Delivered" option when filtering by status if the user is either a Customer or a Validator (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on commas taken into account when they shouldn't in the search bar (Task Screen)
  • Fixed issue on total volume of tasks being wrong at the bottom of the page when using the GroupBy filter (Task Screen)
  • Added option to enable / disable WYSIWYG mode in the project local configurations
  • Fixed issue on status filter not working for Validators when a local configuration exists
  • Added new Delivered > Post-Edition > Delivered workflow (DPD)
  • Enabled "Suggested Delivery Time" considering Office Hours in Settings
  • Fixed issue on Platform Statistics giving an empty screen

Translation Studio

  • Added option to copy the Task ID on its own
  • Added display of character limit on the translation unit header
  • Added keyboard shortcut  CTRL+K for link insertion
  • Added versioning feature (History Widget)
  • Enhanced QA Checks for Chinese punctuation
  • Enhanced tracking of comments in tasks and segments
  • Fixed issue on white space following HTML tag and before text being removed when updating the translation unit
  • Fixed issue on alignment and indent being reset every time a line break is applied
  • Fixed issue preventing to copy / paste content inside an alt parameter in an HTML tag
  • Fixed issue on commented segments filter
  • Fixed issue on auto-propagation of segments with several figures and units, now displayed in the right order
  • Fixed issue on custom inline HTML tags being removed when switching several times in WYSIWYG mode
  • Fixed issue preventing from merging more than 5 segments
  • Modified order of next status options in TRVAVDPD workflow in Validation step to avoid confusion

Activity Feed

  • Added feature allowing the studio to open when a user clicks on a segment ID and the cursor to be placed in the corresponding segment
  • Added warning message when no value found


  • Fixed issue preventing the "Assign to me" button to work (Studio)
  • Fixed issue preventing from seeing the last segment of a copy when the details tab is open (Studio)
  • Fixed issue on extra unwanted fragments appearing on existing copies when a new fragment is added to a template
  • Improved filenames of exported copies as .xlsx for names containing "/" character


  • Fixed issue preventing managers to see the menu
  • Fixed issue on white spaces being removed around HTML tags


  • Reduced dates display in graphs
  • Fixed issue on dashboards custom date ranges when using the "whole" parameter
  • Added refresh button on each graph
  • Added loading wheel when creating a new item
  • Added "Missing data!" pop up when needed
  • Enhanced default graphs
  • Added feature to only display resources from the workspace when creating a new chart


  • Added option to use the numeric keypad Enter to validate queries
  • Fixed issue preventing the "Download TMX" option to work


  • Fixed issue allowing to access API administration page (with no data) if logged out
  • Updated api swagger documentation
  • Fixed issue preventing some JSON files to be sent to translation


  • Modified workspace name behaviour, as of now, it can't be empty
  • Fixed display issue on the Platform page
  • Fixed colour issues on the password recovery page
  • Fixed issue preventing workspace managers to add members to a group or to a project
  • Fixed issue allowing a user to access some (empty) pages when he doesn't have the rights
  • Fixed issue preventing user creation with an External account type
  • Fixed issue on just created workspace not appearing on the side bar
  • Added new language code en-KE (English, Kenya)
  • Reactivated "Resend password link" in user settings
  • Fixed issue on filtering in the users administration page
  • Fixed issue on resources not linked to a group not being accessible for workspace managers
  • Added search bar for languages all over the platform
  • Unified language format (code - region)