A new update has been released based on issues and feedback reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Note: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

New features 

  • Translate Studio
    •  feature allowing to copy the fragment name as well as the external reference

  • Write 
    • Added "Move task(s) to the next state" feature
  • Codex
    • Added feature allowing to import only unmasked cells in XLSX file

UX Updates

✨ Added workspace link in the side bar menu of a project

✨ Added workspace link in the side bar menu of a book


  • Monitor 
    • Added information regarding the privacy of a dashboard
  • Translate 
    • Enhanced behaviour of the "Move task(s) in the workflow" feature for users who should not need to be assigned to a task in order to move it
  • Miscellaneous 
    • Enhanced password recovery description
    • Added Notification Engine and Center to the list of shortcuts available from the workspaces side bar on the homepage

Bug fixes

  • Translate
    • Fixed issue on old duplicates not being automatically removed upon creation of the file via Codex with the same external ID
    • Modified preproc behaviour to avoid processing deleted tasks
    • Fixed issue on TRSVFDPD workflow, Final user can now only see the tasks in statuses he has access to (Task Screen)
    • Fixed issue on status in search bar allowing the display of statuses some users don't have access to as filtering options (Task Screen)
    • Fixed issue on status filter not suggesting the "Delivered" value (Task Screen)
    • Fixed issue on "Available for me" view taking into account languages at the instance level instead of the workspace level (Task Screen)
  • Translation Studio
    • Fixed issue on CTRL + UP shortcut
    • Fixed issue on   tag being counted as 6 characters instead of only one
    • Fixed issue generating HTML tags when copy/pasting a segment into another task
  • Activity Feed
    • Fixed issue on username filter not working well
  • Write
    • Fixed issue on status filter not displaying all the right values available according to role (Task Screen)
    • Modified default status limit from Analysis to Delivered (Settings)
    • Fixed issue preventing from pushing to the next status from the Studio
  • Codex
    • Fixed issue preventing all the tasks linked to a file to be deleted when this file is deleted
    • Fixed issue preventing from uploading an Excel file without selecting any target language
    • Fixed issue raising an error when users try to Download a Directory as ZIP file
    • Fixed issue preventing non-admin users to move a file into a directory without having to de-connect / reconnect
  • Corpus
    • Fixed issue on termbase warnings not linked to the right language 
  • Monitor
    • Fixed issue on dashboard display
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed issue preventing from seeing usernames and workspaces names for some users on hover
    • Fixed issue preventing search bar for resources to work
    • Fixed issue preventing search bar for jobs to work