A new update has been released based on issues and feedbacks reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Note: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

New features 

  • Translate  
    • Added Indonesian English as new language available for translation 
    • New query in the query factory allowing users to invoice based on the purchase order
  • Translate Studio  
    • New feature warning users that there are unsaved tasks when closing the Wezen tab

UX Updates

✨ Updated icon on the Wezen sidenav header

✨ Pagination has been improved to ease the navigation between profiles pages in Codex

We've updated the column filter on Memory and Termbase to match the rest of the platform 

The breadcrumb got a new, refreshed look !

User now has favorite languages options while serching for Languages in Monitor

Added a tooltip on hover to display the whole name of a task in the studio


  • Studio  
    • Enhanced HTML tag management using MT
    • Improved the termbase widget now displaying the information that a term is rejected for translation
    • Enhanced behaviour of searchbar in the Studio that is no longer case sensitive
    • Enhanced behaviour when pushing the task to the post edition status, users are now able to stay inside the studio

  • Translate  
    • QA is improved and now automatically applies resolution and propagates it on segments that are not full matches
    • Enhanced behaviour of the auto-propagation feature that is turned off when no TM is configured for the project
    • Enhanced behaviour of the autofill threshold setting for TM matches that now also defines the threshold to trigger auto-propagation inside a task
    • Enhanced behaviour of the language selector in Query Factory, allowing to "unselect" a language
    • Enhanced behaviour of assignee filter in the searchbar, allowing to filter on every assigned task

  • Codex  
    • Improved the interface to have a message explaining to users that the file format they want to upload is not handled by Wezen

  • Monitor  
    • Modified the list of possible graph types for correlation distribution to adapt it to this type of data

  • Write  
    • Improved the comments filtering feature to allow users to filter comments based on a username

  • Miscellaneous :
    • Enhanced behaviour of notification rules that can be deleted from now on
    • Enhanced behaviour of the date filter allowing a user to select an exact date 

Bug fixes

  • Translate
    • Fixed issue where translation memory propagated the wrong HTML tags
    • Fixed issue crashing MT after a new instance had booted for japanese or korean
    • Fixed issue generating unwanted "href" tags when using WYSIWYG
    • Fixed issues where numbers did not auto-propagate correctly 
    • Fixed issue where DeepL was not translating anymore
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to assign a task
    • Fixed issue preventing burndown chart in platform statistics from loading
    • Fixed issue allowing an MT to be associated with projects from another workspace
    • Fixed issue preventing the Codex button to be visible at all times in Translate
    • Fixed issue preventing users to search tasks containing ":"

  • Translation Studio
    • Fixed issue where entries in the history widget were duplicated for segments edited in the validation step
    • Fixed issue where the History widget bugged the studio screen and broke the filtering feature
    • Fixed issue interpreting HTML tags in the studio when it should not
    • Fixed issue that prevented users to edit a segment on old projects from Wezen versions 10.8 or older
    • Fixed issue on whitespace mode that can't be deactivated
    • Fixed issue where the termbase widget in the studio did not show any results when it should have
    • Fixed issue preventing users from assigning task to themselves due to the dedicated button missing from the screen
    • Fixed issue preventing a user with customer role to see the TM matches inside the studio
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to undo last action inside the studio
    • Fixed issue where going over " " tags moved the cursor at the end of the segment

  • Codex
    • Fixed issue getting a corrupted file when downloading it from Codex, even when "Localisation is done"
    • Fixed issue where " " generated extra space after export

  • Corpus 
    • Fixed issue where filter buttons did not appear updated with the information selected
    • Fixed issue preventing to select "All Target Languages" when downloading TMX
    • Fixed issue preventing to have duplicates inside the TB widget
    • Fixed issue in termbase widget where the terms were not in order of appearance inside the selected segment

  • Monitor
    • Fixed issue preventing users from seeing the list of resources they can select in Monitor
    • Fixed issue on catalog not loading when choosing a resource in Monitor
    • Fixed issue where dashboard was completely empty
    • Fixed issue preventing a resboard to load
    • Fixed issue where Monitor had data inconsistencies for Write contributions

  • Write
    • Fixed issue where SEO users have no rights at all on Post-Edition Status
    • Fixed issue where clicking on "Confirm and next" in the end-of-task popin would assign new tasks to a user even when auto-assignation was off
    • Fixed issue where segments that arrived in validation steps or legal steps were in "Waiting" status
    • Fixed issue preventing users from pushing a task to the next status on Write
    • Fixed issue preventing a change of the filter value directly in the URL to update the actual filter of the page 
    • Fixed issue preventing a user that isn't admin from pushing a task to the next status

  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed issue preventing the searchbar to work properly when there is an extra comma/space
    • Fixed issue preventing users from deleting a group
    • Fixed issue preventing the list of rules to be displayed on the Notification Rules page
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to add a resource to a group
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to rename a resource