A new update has been released based on issues and feedbacks reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Note: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

New features 

  • Authenticate
    • Added the en-ID code in the user accounts settings
    • It is now possible to rename groups of users 

  • Translate  
    • New Purchase Order with data grouped by Task to know the details of translated volume per task 
    • New Purchase Order with data grouped by Translation Date to know which days the translators have worked 

UX Updates

  • Authenticate

API page title alignment fix 

The login page has had a visual refresh concerning the colors and layout 

A validation is done on inputs on the forgot password page 

Jobs panel had a visual update 

  • Query Factory

Resizing is managed correctly, the layout is responsive 

“Columns” filter has been removed from the data table

 Query parameter's layout and display have been updated   

  • Codex

Scrollbar size has been updated 

Fixed the display for a long project name

  • Corpus

✨ Columns filter has been updated on Memory and Termbase 

Fixed the display for a long project name

  • Sidenav

✨ Sidenav icons and items are more compact 

  • Monitor

✨ The wallboard burger menu background is fixed

✨ Dark theme color fix for the loading wheel and inputs 

✨ Items headers on Monitor are now more compact  

✨ Favorite languages are available while selections of languages to display on the dashboard   

  • Studio

✨ Termbase widget modal has been updated when adding a new term 

✨ Step validation got icons to help users differentiate options easily   

✨ Search function's layout issue has been fixed

✨ Users can now open the task screen in a new tab directly from the studio, using CTRL + mouse left click

✨ Layout issue while adding URL on the first segment is fixed

✨ Special characters modal now includes a search bar 

  • Translate

✨ A warning message is now displayed when trying to "Change task(s) state" action

✨ The highlight color while searching in the task preview has been updated to a lighter and more visible one 

✨ While opening a task in the studio, the loading wheel is more centered and more visible  

  • Write

✨ Labels now wrap properly while resizing the column

Fixed label layout issue

✨ Assignation modal had a visual update 

On write, while editing a template,  “Description” and “Default fragment content” input has been updated for better visibility 


  • Activity Feed
    • Improved the messages displayed in the activity feed when merging a task to make them more accurate and clearer for users
  • API
    • Fixed issue where users could not get a quote when using the API
  • Studio  
    • Enhanced HTML management in the studio to better display HTML tags with multiple entries in them
  • Translate  
    • Enhanced customer role which is now able to create labels on tasks 
    • Enhanced TVDPD workflow by adding the ability to "send back to correction" from the validation step 
    • Enhanced behavior of Search Bar which now allows users to filter on the date of the last update
  • Codex  
    • Deleted the "Labels" button that became obsolete

Bug fixes

  • Authenticate
    • Fixed issue where researching resources brought up multiple times the same resource in the search results instead of having it once 
    • Fixed issue where users could not modify authentication source for external users 
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to rename a resource
    • Broken links in notification emails are fixed
  • Translate
    • Fixed issue preventing to assign task in post-edition when using the workflow TRPDP
    • Fixed issue preventing burndown chart in platform statistics from loading 
    • Fixed issue where users trying to filter on Labels had no labels proposed in the list even though there were labels 
    • Fixed issue where managers did not have the same rights depending on the type of workflow that was set for the project 
    • Fixed issue where segmentation was not working properly with Spanish punctuation 
    • Fixed issue where segmentation was not working properly with acronyms
    • Fixed issue where alignment was not working correctly when tags were present in the translation unit
    • Fixed issue where results from Analysis before and after translation were incoherent 
    • Fixed issue where tasks within the fragment correlation scope were matching with the oldest version of the previous task and not the latest one
    • Fixed issue where spaces were not added to separate two sentences, when translating from ha-JP to a European language
    • Fixed issue where numbers did not auto-propagate correctly
    • Fixed issue where progress bar values in Tasks Screen were different from those inside the Studio
  • Translation Studio
    • Fixed issue where many tags were added when switching between WYSIWYG and HTML
    • Fixed issue that prevented users to add HTML links in the studio when WYSIWYG was on
    • Fixed issue preventing modifications to be saved after removing a tag at the end of a segment
    • Fixed issue preventing users to add links to segments in the studio
    • Fixed issue where "undo" and "redo last action" buttons were not working
    • Fixed issue that made disappear the delete and edit buttons in the comment widget when users typed very long words in comments 
    • Fixed issue where, when merging two tasks, the context of the second task had disappeared  
    • Fixed issue when tags with only whitespaces inside are interpreted as empty tags in the studio
    • Fixed issue where rejected words from the termbase were not highlighted in the segments 
    • Fixed issue that had disabled the F4 shortcut (search in termbase) 
    • Fixed issue where the termbase widget did not display any result 
    • Fixed issue where filters on segments did not work  
    • Fixed issue where “Copy source to target for all segments” button changed the structure and formatting of the source content 
    • Fixed issue where, in HTML mode, inserting a link in a segment already validated did not work 
    • Fixed issue where users could not highlight part of the source content of a segment by double clicking on a term 
    • Fixed issue preventing filters in the studio to work properly 
  • Codex
    • Fixed issue preventing some Docx files to be imported into Codex
    • Fixed issue preventing from deleting a file in Codex
    • Fixed issue where colors of the status were not accurate
  • Corpus 
    • Fixed issue where users could not import TMX files that contained BPT or EPT tags
    • Fixed issue where users could not search the termbase through the widget in the studio if no segment was selected
    • Fixed issue where, when trying to export selected elements from termbase, users would actually download the content from all languages and not just for the specified source and target languages 
  • Monitor
    • Fixed issue where some graphs were not displayed
    • Fixed issue where the Translation Burndown graph displayed decimal numbers instead of integers
    • Fixed issue where users could not edit an existing graph
    • Fixed issue where the "Late tasks" graph disappeared when there were no late tasks
  • Write
    • Fixed issue where nothing is suggested when trying to edit an existing filter
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed issue when creating a personal Web hand template that did not take into account spaces when giving the template a name
    • Added the ar-SA code language to the Web-Hand interface