A new update has been released based on issues and feedbacks reported by our users. 

Please find below the release notes.

Note: some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

New features 

  • Authenticate
    • New! Users can now reset their password

  • Translate/Studio  
    • New ! Users can now observe the % of match between their request in the search and the corresponding segment in the translation memory

UX Updates

  • Homepage

✨ Machine translation's resource icon and name has been update

✨ Password input content is hidden by default

  • Studio

✨ Modified the design for fuzzy matches icons to make them pop out more

✨ Resized some elements of the Studio to dynamically enhance the user experience on smaller screens

✨ Resized some elements of the Studio to dynamically enhance the user experience on smaller screens

✨ The assignation panel had refreshed look!

✨ The comment widget had a visual update

  • Translate

✨We have updated all the modals that pop in when an action is applied on the resources table.

✨ Edit labels modal had a visual update!

✨ Fixed responsive issue on QA chips.

✨ A warning message appears when opening a blocked task.

  • Write

✨ Design update on the modal when creating a new template.

✨ Improved responsiveness on the template page.

✨ Layout update on the template page.


  • Codex
    • Links in a Docx file are now imported with the rest of the content to translate and are displayed in HTML tags in the studio

    • Fixed issue where tasks appeared without status on the Task screen

  • Monitor

    • Improved the display of dates on graphs so it becomes easily readable, especially when there's a big range of dates
    • New Monitor feature allows users to access the source data by clicking on the graphs

  • Studio

    • Characters limit on translation units : when there were no limit fixed for a certain translation unit, the information displayed the number of characters out of 0. Now it just shows the number of characters in that case

    • New shortcuts (F3 and F4) added to the Studio to access the Translation Memory and Termbase

  • Translate

    • The search bar is now no longer case sensitive

    • New feature allows users to edit and personalize the names of their favorite views in the search bar of the Task screen

    • Users can now edit arabic/hebraic languages in left-to-right mode instead of the default right-to-left

  • Web Hand

    • The user experience is now enhanced on the Webhand for the selection of source and target language codes

  • Write

    • A warning modal appears when users try to delete a template.

    • Users can now filter on tasks that are assigned to them

Bug fixes

  • Activity feed
    • Fixed issue on the Activity Feed, where the Assignee Filter wasn't working
    • Fixed issue where the Urgent filter in the activity feed was not working

  • Authenticate
    • Fixed issue that systematically redirected users to the home page eventhough the URL they entered had the parameters to bring them to a specific page
    • Fixed issue where disabled resources were still visible in the project
    • Fixed issue where notifications kept on being sent to users who did not have access to Wezen anymore

  • Codex
    • Fixed issue where the translations were not reintegrated at the right place on Excel files

  • Corpus
    • Fixed issue where memory widget were displayed even though there was no memory linked to the project
    • Fixed issue in the memory table where read only fields gave the impression they could be edited

  • Monitor
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to edit chart type graph
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to edit a Write graph
    • Fixed issue where resource names of graphs were not displayed
    • Fixed issue preventing a user to create a new graph
    • Fixed issue where data disappeared from some of the graphs when reloading it
    • Fixed issue where the dates on the X axis of certain graphs did not correspond to the range of dates selected

  • Translate
    • Switching between HTML and WYSIWYG mode is more restricted from now on.
    • Fixed issue allowing users to create a local configuration without a source language
    • Fixed issue where the final validators could not see the task sent to them in validation step
    • Fixed issue allowing an MT to be associated with projects from another workspace
    • Fixed issue preventing to copy / paste content inside an alt parameter in an HTML tag
    • Fixed issue where some spaces went missing on the translated file when there were some HTML tags
    • Fixed issue where <br> tags were not savable into the target segment.
    • Fixed issue on the Task searchbar where the filters "preAssignedUsernames", "Watchers" and "workersUsernames" did not work

  • Webhand
    • Fixed issue where the link generated when sending content to translation via the webhand was wrong and didn't redirect the user to the task
    • Fixed issue on the Webhand that redirected users to the wrong URL when they clicking on "Confirm Batch Creation"

  • Write
    • Bug fix - Redirection to linked copies has been fixed.
    • Bug fix - Deleted copies shouldn't appear on the jobs panels. Notifications shouldn't be sent as well.
    • Fixed issue where <br> tags were not savable into a Write fragment.