A new update has been released based on our users' reported issues and feedback. 

Please find below the release notes.

Some features are only available to specific user roles, you may not be able to view/use them all.

New features


  • Added the possibility to configure character limits for XLSX file contents.


  • Added chips for the status of each translation on the memory widget.
  • Added a new interface to display the word count.


  • Added the translation unit names in the task preview.




  • Added a new recipient for the Task state transition notification.


  • Styles in XLSX, XLSM and IDML documents are handled properly.
  • Added IDML script selection in the Explorer settings.


  • Added snackbar error message when trying to search in target with multiple language targets.

Query factory

  • New template name for purchase order export document: PurchaseOrder_BytypeOfPO_dateOfToday
  • Removed the price filter that was unused to clarify the interface.
  • Ordered the default results by task ID descending on the purchase order by task.
  • Added default columns on the purchase orders table.
  • Exported excel now displays the results in columns instead of rows of data.


  • Improved coherence of the word count.
  • Removed the “content name” search from the search & replace widget, now available on the “Filters by reference” section on the filters' widget.
  • Added explanation text for the word count.

User experience updates


  • Design update of the login page.


  • Component update on the Grouped Resource Creation page.
  • Design update of the workspace settings page with license and volumetry changes.

Bug fixes

Activity feed

  • Fixed an issue on the “My activities” filter.
  • Fixed an issue on the project link URL changes when clearing caches/cookies.


  • Fixed an issue regarding the manual interface source column selection.


  • Fixed an issue when adding a new translation manually.
  • Fixed an error when a segment has no translation.
  • Fixed an issue with segment selections count after changing filters.

Query Factory

  • Fixed an issue after reloading and/or coming back to the query factory.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error 500 on some queries.


  • Fixed an issue regarding the activation of the word count mode.
  • Fixed issue preventing users from adding links to segments in the studio
  • Fixed an issue with the search within the memory widget.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the search & replace feature on filtered segments.
  • Fixed an issue regarding segmentation with a tab.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the merge of numerous segments together.
  • Fixed an issue where the comment filter value didn't update properly after commenting on a segment.
  • Fixed issue when clicking on the target segment wouldn't give the focus on the segment.


  • Fixed an issue where the Auto self-assignation panel doesn't assign tasks in the suggested delivery date order.
  • Fixed an issue while searching via the external ID.
  • Fixed an issue where the en-IE code language was duplicated in the settings.
  • Fixed a permission issue for Final, SEO, and Legal roles.
  • Fixed an issue when opening a new task in a new tab displaying the name of the project instead of the name of the task itself in the browser tab name.


  • Fixed an issue where disabled projects could be linked to an API key.
  • Fixed an issue on the workspace creation and settings form when pressing enter.
  • Fixed an issue regarding Codex repository creation.
  • Fixed error message when creating a user.
  • Fixed a redirection issue after logging in the platform.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the user count when adding a new member.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the “remember me” on the Azure AD & Okta SSO.


  • Fixed an issue after task creation on the task screen.