Here are the Wezen updates from September 12, 2023, based on our users' reported issues and feedback. Overall this version is focused on many bugfixes related to the Studio and the Memory.


  • Added the possibility to import source-target without segmentation through the API.
  • Added the possibility to choose between Universe and Project and retrieve the available resources on the API page.


  • Added the support of YAML files in Codex.

Machine translation

  • Added the ChatGPT engine as a machine translation for transcreation project.


  • Added the possibility to retrieve character limit and rich/raw text from Akeneo/Magento.


  • Added the possibility to do content duplication from one version to another.


  • Task availability mail notifications are now grouped into a single email per project and per user.


  • Improved the management of alignment after a " : " character for some languages.


  • No more validation pop-up, no saves in memory and segment modifications is retrieved when sending back to correction.


  • Fixed an issue to correlated contents with braces "{}", which was missing in the final translated Codex file.


  • Fixed a login issue with email. 


  • Fixed the relevance of the result when searching in the Memory.
  • Fixed a bug where importing memory produced broken html content.
  • Fixed a bug where redirection links to other modules from Memory or Termbase page were not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug when applying a cross-local filter, showing bad results.


  • Fixed an issue with the termbase highlights when scrolling in the studio.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the display of segments when the "whitespace" mode is activated.
  • Fixed a bug with segment with 255+ characters not saving.
  • Fixed an issue where the termbase highlight disappears when searching for a term in the widget.
  • Fixed a display bug of links in segment when validating.
  • Fixed a bug where switching between HTML and WYSIWYG mode changed segments status.
  • Fixed a bug where validated segments go back to the waiting state when doing a CTRL+S.


  • Fixed an issue when trying to change to the next status of several correlated tasks in a bulk action.
  • Fixed the analysis results with machine translated case.
  • Fixed a bug with the percentage being not correct for locale-base in the volume tracking dashboard.


  • Fixed the relevance of the source and target language filter result.
  • Fixed a bug regarding Auto Termbase QA Check with numbers that are similar to dates in content.


  • Fixed a bug regarding the saving of the template description.