Here are the Wezen updates from April 22th, 2024, based on our users' reported issues and feedbacks. 

Dynamic Studio : a new way to accelerate your translations ! 

  • Dynamic Task Loading : progressive loading of tasks leads to enhanced performances

  • Dynamic Memory & correlations : real-time update of segments with new TM matches or correlations

  • Dynamic MT : on-demand activation of machine translation directly from the studio

Other new features


  • Users can now be notified when they exceed the volume allowed in their license 


  • Wezen is now able to extract footnotes and endnotes from docx files
  • Wezen is not able to retrieve content from header & footer in docx files
  • Wezen can now extract docx files without creating too many Wezen tags
  • Wezen now handles IDML files up to 3Gb


  • Wezen now better segments when there is a   tag
  • Wezen now doesn't segment on the word "approx."
  • New language codes for Croatian and Bosnian
  • Analysis is now permanent and doesn't change when correlations are broken



  • Fixed issue where one couldn't see members inside groups
  • Fixed an issue where a disturbing message "Leave site" would pop up when trying to connect to the platform
  • Fixed issue where workspace Managers are not able to edit MT resources 
  • Fixed an issue where notifications were sent multiple times


  • Fixed an issue where modifications done in Post-edition status wouldn't be taken into account in the downloaded file from Codex (single download)
  • Fixed issue where source content would be reintegrated during the injection instead of target content for IDML files
  • Fixed issue in IDML files where content formatted in lists were not displayed properly in the downloaded files
  • Fixed an issue where whitespaces were randomly added at the end/beginning of segments in the studio for docx files
  • Fixed an issue when dealing with docx files where sentences were segmented because of page break
  • Fixed an issue where some downloaded files from Codex were missing </a> tags


  • Fixed an issue where users sometimes couldn't delete entries from the memory


Translate overall

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to enter tasks
  • Fixed issue where the popup to push task in the following status was not displayed
  • Fixed an issue where welcome tutorial popups kept showing up despite discarding them

History widget - related

  • Fixed an issue where no info was displayed in the history widget
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't see in the history widget  : the edition of content in the segment and the change of microStatus by the user

Termbase - related

  • Fixed issue where searching into the termbase widget would give you results in every language
  • Fixed issue where the auto QA check wouldn't automatically replace a rejected term found in the termbase

Memory - related 

  • Fixed a bug where segments are displayed with 100% match while they are new 
  • Fixed an issue where the TM match percentage icon wasn't shown during autopropagation
  • Fixed issue where translations would enter the memory in the preproc status
  • Fixed issue where fuzzy matches were sometimes autopropagated when there was already an existing 100% match

Segmentation - related : 

  • Fixed an issue where segmentation was not the same depending on the language of the task

Correlations - related : 

  • Fixed an issue where editing manually an out of scope segment would block the task
  • Fixed issue where the correlated tasks would lose their link with the upper tasks
  • Fixed an issue where correlated tasks were not displayed as blocked in the task screen
  • Fixed an issue where breaking the correlations automatically in the delivered status would change the correlated segments from "out of scope" into "in progress"

Display - related : 

  • Fixed issue where MT icon would turn blue in some cases
  • Fixed a display issue where checkboxes for all “Status” filters in the studio were checked even when some types of segments were hidden


  • Fixed issue when saving fragments in Write template wouldn't work