Introducing how to manage your files inside the platform


Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of Codex

Duration: 3 minutes

What is Codex?

Codex is a digital platform allowing content owners to upload files to be translated onto the Wezen Platform.

The platform was developed to facilitate the localization requests. 

Files handled by Codex

Codex can support different documents depending on your needs. The file extensions currently handled are the following ones:

  • CSV
  • DOCX
  • JSON
  • PO
  • SRT
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • XML

How works this module

Codex is a platform directly connected with Wezen, helping the users to manually upload their content to be translated with the help of a source document and a custom script. 

The content selected in your source documents will then splitted into tasks and segments within the platform.

How to access Codex?

The Codex platform can be accessed directly using from the Wezen platform, by clicking directly on the Menu button, located between the Notifications and Logout buttons on the top right corner. 

You will be then redirected on the Codex Homepage.


In order to launch your translation, you will have to follow the different steps mentioned below:

Discovering the platform

Upon arriving on Codex, you will be asked to select a workspace (named repository). 

Each repository is directly linked with a project on the Wezen platform. 

Tip : You can always modify if necessary the project or its source language by clicking on the Settings button.

Under each repository, you will find your list of folders.

Each folder will contain your source and localized files, all having matching templates. 

You also have different options through the Menu button in the top left corner.  

Tip : You will always be able to go back to your Wezen project by clicking on "Translate Project" 

How to launch a translation request

Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, you will be able to:

  • Launch a translation from Codex

Duration: 15 minutes

Analyze your source document

Before launching a translation request, you will first need to analyze which content you do want to import into Wezen from your source document. 

You will need to know which tabs, columns, lines or fields are targeted to be translated later on.

The content selected in your source documents will then splitted into tasks and segments within the platform.

Importing your file

Selecting your workspace

While connecting to Codex, you will choose first the workspace linked to your project on Wezen. 

Selecting or Creating your folder

Now that your source document and your profile ready, the first step will be to select your repository.

You will then create a folder, which will host your files using the same script.

  • Create a folder :   

Note: You will be able to save under this folder all the documents having the same template, using the same scripts.

Selecting your script

You can now click on your newly created folder. 

The first step will be to make sure the file you are going to import will use the correct script saved previously.

You can click on the Settings button, where you will be able to find your script from the drop list and save it.

  • Settings button:
  • Select Script button:
  • Save Script button:

Note : If you are planning to import a file following a non-existing template, please reach your Datawords contact to confirm which script you should use.

Importing your file 

The final step is to upload your file with this button , or simply with a drag and drop in your browser

  • Upload your file :  

You can also change the desired script/profile in the settings options:

Upon refreshing the page, you should see 4 different statuses : 

The whole upload process should take approximately 30 seconds, depending on the volume of your file. 

Once your upload is completed, the "Localization in Progress" status will be displaying. 

Congratulations, your content is now available on Wezen to be translated!

The status "Localization Done" will only show up once the content has been approved in all the different languages.

Note : On Wezen, the name of your task will be your document’s one.

Note : If you remove your source document from Codex, all the created task will be deleted.

Translating in another language

If you want to translate a file already launched in a new language, you can select your file and click on the Translate button

Checking the translation status

Simple status

You can now go back to the Wezen platform to see your document launched to translation. 

A simplified status is also available on Codex: 

 : In progress

 : Waiting for validation

 : Delivered

Detailed status

Upon hovering the localization state, you can also see the exact translation status

How to download your files

Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, you will be able to:

  • Retrieve an approved translation from Codex

Duration: 10 minutes

Downloading your files

When your files have been launched to translation on Wezen, they will be translated, reviewed and approved.

You will be able to download your localized files as soon as some content has been translated on Wezen.

Tip : If you have an urgent translation to retrieve, it might be interesting for you to split your translation in multiple files.

How to download your files

You will have to select first the document and language you want to download. 

You can then click on the single download button which will be available for the delivered languages.


Note : You can even download the unapproved files, although not being recommended

What will contain your files?

The final file downloaded from Codex will have the exact same template as the file uploaded. 

Note : Your file will be named "youroriginalfilename_TRANSLATED_via_Wezen_languagecode"