Sometimes, there will be source segments containing HTML tags (usually start and end with brackets “<“, “>”, or "&" and are in purple font). Like in this following exemple :

You must always make sure that if HTML tags are present in the source segment, they must also be present in the target segments. In case you need to add/modify/delete them, you first have to convert them into text. Once edits are finished, make sure to convert them back into HTML. By default, HTML tags are locked so that you cannot edit them. To unlock them:

  1. Make sure the segment is open for edition (not in validated state ), either by directly editing the segment or clicking on  (Ctrl/Cmd + O).
  2. Click on or highlight the HTML tag you want to edit.
  3. Lock/Unlock it by clicking on / . Locking it will convert the highlighted text to HTML and display it in purple, unlocking it will convert the HTML tag into raw text.



In case you don't want to be disturbed by the HTML tags, you can toggle on the simplified HTML tags view by clicking on  in the toolbar:

Warning : All HTML tags are saved into the Translation Memory (TM)