ActivityWhithin Translation Studio, logs all the history of the selected segment (status update, comments, …)
APIAn application programming interface (API) is a way to interconnect 2 systems. Wezen can interconnect with various systems thanks to its API, to receive content and make it available for retrieval
ArchivesContainer of all the translation tasks that were delivered and whose translated contents are ready to be reintegrated into the target location (file or system).
AssigneeUser who is currently in charge of a translation task
CAT toolA Computer Assisted Translation tool is a system that helps linguistic producers translating contents. It can be composed of various assistance modules like a translation memory, a term base, context information panel, …
CodexDatawords' tool where files are uploaded, transformed into translation tasks, and where target files are available for download
Context MatchContext matches will indicate if a segment recognized by the Translation Memory has already been handled in another translation task with the same previous and/or following segments
DocumentWezen tab where are stored all source contents
DuplicatesAlso called Re-submissions, refer to the translation tasks which are sent several times to Wezen with the same ID.
Expansion ratioRatio between source and target segment lengths
HelpdeskWezen support portal where you can raise tickets in case of any issue or enquiry
HTML tagA HTML tag is an element of code that can be found whithin source or target content and that will be interpreted once online (e.g. <i>test</i> will result as test). HTML tags are locked by default in Wezen.
Match %A match percentage is a measure of correspondence between 2 segments. Two identical segments will be 100% matches.
My StatsTab where users can access their production statistics and profile information
Post-EditionStatus correspondign to the edition of a translation task previously delivered
ProgressSplit of segment statuses whithin a translation task
ProjectEntity gathering a team (linguistic producers, project managers, tech team, customers…), content and common settings.
Purchase OrderInvoice generation tab
Query FactoryExtract raw data directly from the database and retrieve an excel file with the data to perform further computations
Remaining TimeAmount of time left before delivery, which depends on priority level. Translation tasks are always ordered by remaining time
SegmentThe smaller unit of content in Wezen: depending on the languages, it can be a sentence, a part of a sentence between 2 punctuation signs, etc. Segments have statuses and a proper history.
Source ContentContent that needs to be translated
SpellingA panel within Translation Studio where you can browse Wezen dictionary
Target ContentTranslated content (as opposed to source content)
Term BaseA glossary containing different terms in source language and one or several translations. In Translation Studio, terms included in the term base that are spotted in the source content are highlighted. Term base suggestions are displayed with their translation in a specific window.
Translation Task detailsContextual elements such as images of a product for product translation, URL of the web page the content is coming from, translation notes from the customer. Diplayed in a Translation Studio panel
Translation TaskUnit of content composed of source content and target content (translation of the content) as well as context information.
Translation MemoryAn archive of the contents handled through Wezen, it is composed of segment pairs (source + target) previously translated. In Translation Studio, suggestion pop-up based on the proximity (match percentage) between the selected segments and the ones included in the translation memory. Translation memory suggestions are displayed with their translation in a specific window.
Translation StudioTranslation workbench for you to work on your translation tasks.
Translation Units A translation task is usually broken down into several pieces of content, such as titles, paragraphs, captions, product descriptions, etc.
User Review Where you can see the volume of content you have translated/reviewed during a time interval by their category of match percentage.
WorkersList of users having handled a translation task (translator, reviewer, …)
WorkflowList of different statuses that reproduces localization process