Affected version: before Rigel

How do I retrieve the number of words processed by a user?

If you need to know the volumes of words processed by a specific user, you can go to the Purchase Order section. Please note that Wezen does not automatically generate purchase orders to users, you must input the data retrieved from Wezen into your own purchase order generation system.

In there, there are two subsections:


This is where you can set the time interval of interest, e.g. select all the data included between the start and end date, as well as the price per word for each match percentage category. The price per word have default values but you should edit them all one by one according to your rates grid. You should consider the price per word grid as a tool to help you compute the total price.


Purchase Order

This is where you select the user whose data will be displayed. 

You can also filter (not mandatory) by "Old status" and "New status".

By clicking on "Display Purchase Order", you can preview the volumes of words processed by the user during the time interval, as well as the prices for each match percentage category.

You can then copy the displayed values into your purchase order generation system.