Below are the available buttons, actions, and their shortcuts that you can use in the Translation Studio. You can download the pdf version at the end of this article.

Synchronized scrolling
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Switching HTML/Interpreted (Ctrl + H)
Lock selected HTML tags (Ctrl + L)
Unlock selected HTML tags (Ctrl + Shift + L)
Show Whitespaces (Ctrl + D)
Expand or reduce HTML tags
Undo last action
Redo last action
Copy target content to clipboard
Copy source to target for selected segment (Ctrl + Inser)
Copy source to target for all segments (Ctrl + Shift + Inser)
Erase target content for selected segment
Merge segment with the next one
Bold (Ctrl + B)
Italic (Ctrl + I)
Underline (Ctrl + U)
Remove Formatting
Insert link
 Ω Special Characters (Ctrl + J)
Insert non-breaking space (Ctrl + Space)
Insert LRM Marker
Insert RLM Marker
Search and Replace (Ctrl + F)

Here are some additional useful tips and shortcuts:

By clicking on the name of the task, you'll be able to get some information about it, navigate to your recently open tasks, and to discard all the changes you did since the last saved change.

Save (Ctrl + S)
Validate segment (Ctrl + Enter)
Validate all (Ctrl + Shift + Enter)
Jump to first segment (Ctrl + Shift + Up)
Jump to last segment (Ctrl + Shift + Down)
Go to next segment (Ctrl + Up)
Go to previous segment (Ctrl + Down)

By clicking on the status of the task, you can send it to the next one.

As a manager, by clicking on the name of the assignee, you can assign the task.