Below is the full list of statuses of a target segment (more detailed that the "Waiting", "In Progress", "Done" statuses, just with a slight tone difference when a segment is edited):

The target segment is waiting to be processed.
The unsaved target segment has been edited but not saved yet. Save it by clicking on(Ctrl/Cmd + S).
In Progress
The target segment has been saved and is waiting to be validated or further edited.
The previously saved target segment has been edited and it needs to be saved again withor directly validated by clicking on (Ctrl/Cmd + Enter) or .
The target segment has been validated. You can still open it by clicking into the segment to edit it and it will be shown as . You then need to either save it or validate it again.
Out Of Scope
The target segment is out of scope, it should not be modified except if a modification needs to be performed to preserve linguistic quality.
Segments can be out of scope () because they are already filled with a validated translation. It happens because of the Correlations Mechanism or due to tasks send to correction.
HTML tag

The segment contains only html tags. You can check it or modify it by activating the  HTML view  with the button.