When you do not perform any action on Wezen for more than 30 minutes, your account is considered inactive and you need to log back into Wezen if you want to keep using it.


This can lead to some users not being able to save segments inside the Translation Studio as they may have opened Wezen in a tab and went for a break or work on something else.

Segments would stay light yellow or light orange after being attempting to save or validate them (not plain orange which would mean they’ve been successfully saved in Wezen) and therefore your edits were not actually saved in Wezen. Refreshing the page or accessing another page of Wezen would make you lose unsaved word.


We recommend that whenever segments stay light yellow or light orange even after you tried to save them:

  1. Copy your work to the clipboard using the clipboard button in the Wezen editor and paste it into a word or .txt file for backup
  2. Open another tab and access Wezen (https://yourinstancename.wezen.com) and see if it asks you to log in. 
  3. If so, DO NOT close your other tab in which you have the task opened in the Translation Studio, and log into Wezen using the newly opened tab.

After that, you should be able to save segments successfully again in the other tab in the Translation Studio.