The comment widget allows users to add remarks, to ask for changes, to add validations, or simply additional pieces of information.

Access the comments widget

As well as the other widgets, this one is available on the right side of the studio and accessible by clicking the button

You can also move it to the bottom of the screen by dragging and dropping it with the corresponding handle.


First of all, you can filter the comments only to display the ones that are corresponding to a specific segment.

In this view, you will see the username of the poster, some buttons to remove or update the comment if you are the comment's poster, and the content of the comment.

Note that you can also remove a comment posted by another user if you are a manager on the project.

How to edit a comment

How to delete a comment

At the bottom of the view, you will be available to type your comment and then post it.

How to create a comment

Note that you can also see when someone added a comment in the history widget: