Once a termbase is set up, you can access its widget within the studio. It can be used to retrieve the terms that have a particular translation, or terms that should not be translated, as brand or product names for example.

Access the Term Base widget

As well as the other widgets, the termbase is available on the right side of the studio and accessible by clicking the button

You can also move it to the bottom of the screen by dragging and dropping it with the corresponding handle.


With the widget open, when you select a segment, you can see appear in the widget the different terms that are present on the termbase.

They have different characteristics, as for example their language, but also notes and context that may have been added to the term.

In this screenshot, you can see four terms and their translations. Each term has a status among To Be Approved, Prefered, Approved, and Rejected. The same statuses are displayed within the highlight with the same color code.

Toggle terms highlight

By clicking on you will be able to toggle the highlight of the terms inside the different segments. With this mode turned on, each term that is present in the termbase will be highlighted:

Search in TB

Within the widget, you can search for a term, in the source or in the target language. This can help you compare the translations in order to deliver the best one.

Insert a term in the current segment

You can insert a translation from the widget in the selected segment by clicking on. This will add the term at the position of the cursor.

Add a new term to the TB

Clicking on will allow you to add a new term in the termbase.

You can enter in this popup the term, notes, and the language of the term.

In the next popup, another term must be linked to the first one.