This article will show you how to quickly set up your project, by setting up a Group, some Resources, and adding different Roles.

How to access the Grouped resource creation option?

To access this option that will allow you to create a group, add resources to it, and create roles inside this group at once, just go into your workspace and then click Grouped resource creation.

Choose a group

The first section allows you to choose between a new group or an existing group of your workspace. If you choose a new group, this is where you will enter its name (Note that this can't be changed later, so choose carefully).

Add resources

In the next section, you will be prompt to add resources to your newly created or already existing group. In the first case, classic default resources will be automatically added to the creation list, you can remove them by clickingor just rename them. In the second case, a section displaying the already available resources in your group will be present.

Select users and roles to add

Finally, you can choose to add some roles to your group (if you're creating a new group, don't forget to add yourself as you won't be able to access the resources if you don't). Select a user that has been added beforehand and assign him one or more roles, then click Confirm and move on to the next one.

Once you've clicked on Create all, your resources are creating. The next window will provide you quick access to them, but you will also find them in your workspace.