Dynamic studio is a set of new features that will be deployed progressively on projects. If you want your project to benefit from these features, please ask your CSM to activate it on your projects. 
This feature is available from the Wezen version 12.0

Dynamic Task Loading

Progressive loading of tasks leads to enhanced performance

Dynamic Memory & correlations

Real-time update of segments with new TM matches and correlations

  • When new entries are made into the memory, it automatically propagates to segments with similar content in other tasks, without having to refresh the linked tasks.

  • When new translations are saved,  it automatically propagates to correlated segments, without having to refresh the correlated tasks.

Dynamic MT

On-demand activation of machine translation directly from the studio

MT will fill in progressively empty segments WITH micro status “waiting” (yellow) OR micro status “saved” (orange). Using machine translation this way will not leave any visible traces (no bot icon, nor mention in history widget). 

For more information about "how to configure the dynamic MT", you can download the documentation below.