A workspace consists in a list of resources (translation projects, books, translation memories, term bases, repositories and dashboards), a list of members, and permissions groups. Only members of the workspace can access the resources contained in the workspace and resources can only be in a single workspace.

Therefore, resources of a workspace can only be shared with other resources within the same workspace. For example, a translation memory belonging to a Workspace A cannot be associated with a translation project in a Workspace B.



A resource refers to a Translate project, a Write book, a Memory translation memory, a Termbase term base, a Codex repository or a Monitor dashboard


A member refers to a user that is authorized to access the workspace


A group defines the resources and the roles members of the group have on them

Resources, members and groups of a workspace are managed by Workspace Managers. They can add new members, create resources, manage permissions...

How to access workspaces

You can navigate between different workspaces you are a member of either on the "Home" page of the application, or via the navigation bar on the left of the screen. Each workspace is represented by a colored badge containing the first letter of the name. 

How to manage a workspace

On the "Home" page of a workspace, Workspace Managers have access to below buttons in the workspace navigation sidebar or in the top-right corner of a workspace home page.