This article describes the Wezen notification system update in Rigel 10.3 (released on August 2021).


Notifications are sent through 3 channels:

  • On the platform: a bell in the top right corner displays the notifications
  • On a Slack channel: a channel for the whole workspace
  • By email

Priority levels for emails

There are 4 levels of email notifications: 

  • Highest Priority: essential notifications, sent in an email instantly. Also sends a platform and slack notification. This email notifications is sent to the uther, no matter if he's connected on Wezen or not.
  • High Priority: Wezen gathers all high priority notifications that are meant for a specific user and sends them compiled every hour to slack and on the platform. If the user isn't connected, an email is also sent. (In this email will also be all the low and medium priority notifications that haven't been sent to the user yet)
  • Low priority: No notification email. The notification is sent on the platform and on slack with any unimportant updates


Notifications can be configured and personalized for each project, this may change depending on the needs of the project.

The default set of notifications used on most of our accounts are as follows:

  • For all users: 
    • INFORMATION: message sent by Wezen admin. Highest priority notification. For example, to plan a maintenance.

  • For translators & content producers: 
    • AVAILABLE: one task at least is available for auto-assignation. High priority notification
    • ASSIGNATION: Someone assigned a task to you. High priority notification.

  • For Managers:
    • FILE LOCALIZED: an uploaded file on Codex is fully translated and ready to be downloaded. High priority notification. 
    • CREATED: a task has been created on your project. High priority notification.

  • It is also possible to subscribe as a "watcher" to some tasks. In that case you'll receive additional notifications regarding this specific task: 
    • TRANSITION: a task move from one state to another (included reception and delivery of a translation task). Low priority notification.